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I would like to post this as a critic blog under SAP Netweaver Portal for SAP Portal Portfolio.

This is an excellent channelization of what advantage does SAP Netweaver Portal bring to various aspects of business.With the rise in business complexity SAP Netweaver Portfolio shows how it can be a multi-skillful partner which can bring in customers, users, applications under one roof through collaboration. The Enterpise workspace indeed is the perfect example to bring in users and application together through a collaborative solution.

SAP Portal has added a much demanding FEATHER to its GOLDEN CAP i.e., Cloud Portal. With the introduction of this, users have limited dependency on infrastructure and can access applications through the move on multiple devices. This is the change which everyone is looking for today and hope this will impact the business through leaps and bounces!!!!!

The only thing which could have been emphasized here was that what major role Cloud Portal can play in Social Networking market(through conversation text apps)

But yes this shows an advantage of SAP Portal over other Portals and indeed The Best-Run Businesses Run SAP :smile:  

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