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Hi All,

As part of the portal movie critic challenge i have taken SAP Fiori and SAP Net Weaver Portal,mobile edition video in SAP mobility section.

Personally i have a great interest in mobile technologies and very happy that the bunch of movies we have in the mobility section are equally good.I have gone through all it was a hard decision to choose one from that.Thanks to team for providing and collaborating all these videos under one roof.

Now regarding the movie as we know SAP Fiori is a collection of Applications which are formulated based on users experience in various areas.Initial part of the videos shows as how to wok with Fiori. Though am yet to get some hands on experience on Fiori i have watched a lot of videos in you tube and have gone through blogs in SCN. I really like the way the SAP Fiori is introduced here.As we know Fiori works seamlessly on desktop, tablet, or smartphone.The video missed those portions were Fiori operating in multiple devices as it is capable of adjusting itself when it works on a tablet or on a desktop.Apps ability to conduct transactions, get insight and take action, and view expense reports,purchase orders,Leave approval all those day to day applications are clearly explained.

Readers who are interested in SAP Fiori please go through the following videos and blogs.

Introducing SAP Fiori - YouTube

Now coming to the second portion were we have SAP Net weaver portal mobile editions which explains the importance of mobile in current business scenarios,where customers are looking for miniaturization and availability and user friendliness are the highlights of using mobile technology at present.As stated in movie net weaver portal "mobile editions can act as a single point of access from multiple devices at any time".With the implementation of portals it significantly reduce costs and boast productivity is very true.

Attaching some pics of SAP Fiori

.Really cool stuff :smile:   Fiori @tablet,@Desktop and @smart phone.

A Sample launchpad window.

Movie Reference:

SAP Fiori and SAP NetWeaver Portal, mobile edition - YouTube

For further information on SAP NetWeaver Portal 2014 Movie Challenge, please refer the blog: SAP Portal Movie Challenge announcement blog.

Thanks  team for providing such  a wonderful challenge and am looking forward .



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