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this is my Movie Critic about the video: SAP Portal Content Management & Portal Site Management by OpenText.

In this video it is explained the importance of Content Management, in this case in the Portal. Nowadays most of the information that we manage is still in form of unstructured data, like office documents. Any solution that does not take this into account, it is not completed.

OpenText Portal Content Management could be the right solution for many cases. For example when Sharepoint doesn't cut it, or OpenText ECM is too powerful.

I could leave it here, but sometimes It is not enough to read the specifications, and it helps to see a small demo. I will also make the movie critic of this other video: SAP Portal Content Management by OpenText Demo

If somebody else is missing the sound like me, you can try it here:

It is the OpenText PCM site in,  the first demo (Collaborate and Manage Documents).

There is nothing more that I could add to this second video. It explains in just five minutes all you need to get an idea of PCM by OpenText. It is really worthy.

This Blog is part of the SAP NetWeaver Portal 2014 Challenge. For more information about that and how to participate check out the Movie Challenge Announcement blog.

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