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Knowledge Management

SAP Net weaver portal has many components such as Knowledge Management, Content Management and other EP related Components. In this section I would like discuss about little about the integration of KM. KM has an enhanced access to the information and is mainly divided in to Content Management which has unstructured information and  Document management which has controlled documents. KM provides an integration platform to content management to integrate the unstructured content and provides the centralized content information for the users and KM also able to control how to display the content display in a required way. Knowledge Management is a very powerful tool in integrating with other external information resources like third party systems. So many sets of repository services are available in KM along with the integrating adapters to connect to external systems.

            These repository services provides access control, time based publishing, workflow, and some other features to the items in a content located within the repository. Most of the KM repositories are reside inside the KM which eliminates the need of outside repositories existing outside the portal. I learnt KM mainly takes care of features that provide users to access centralized information where Content management mainly takes cares of display and maintenance of the content. Searching is other important feature provided by KM. KM provides Search and classification engine using TREX(Text Retrieval and Extraction) to the users who are trying to search the content. It is one of the important features when dealing with KM, content Management, and Document management. KM Repository framework is another functionality provided by knowledge management which has repository managers residing in it and offers access to the applications unified access to the objects provided by the other external information systems.

            Many repositories are connected to KM Repository Framework (RF) through Repository Managers (RM). The RM’s are responsible for converting the internal information in to the required aspects of Repository Framework and vice versa. SSO (Single Sign On) of content management along with the SAP EP portal provides SAP Logon tickets which maintains strong relationship between the systems which can be external and internal systems. This avoids users to enter his credentials more than once and authorize the permission to access the applications or iviews which shows the content from the KM content management.

            SAP KM has other functionality features related to content management such as XML forms, HTML editing, and plain text editing

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