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Powered by the New SAP NetWeaver Technology Map

SAP NetWeaver Technology Map

  SAP NetWeaver is an open technology platform that offers a comprehensive set of

  technologies for running mission-critical business applications and integrating

  people, processes, and information.

  In addition, SAP NetWeaver serves as the technical foundation of SAP's Business

  Process Platform offerings by providing capabilities for service provisioning, composition

(service consumption), and governance.

The SAP NetWeaver Technology Map comprises all these capabilities and depicts them in a structured map that enables you to drill down from top-level technology areas (for example, Lifecycle Management) to individual capabilities (for example, Administration, Monitoring, and so on).

New Capability-Based SAP NetWeaver Technology Map (Edition 2010)

The new edition of the SAP NetWeaver Technology Map (Edition 2010) has a simplified structure and utilizes capabilities as a main structural element. This makes it easier to reference SAP NetWeaver capabilities with application scenarios while also supporting a more intuitive drill-down procedure. The new technology map is not linked to a specific SAP NetWeaver product or release, but contains all capabilities provided by the SAP NetWeaver platform.

The capability structure defined in the new technology map is the foundation for SAP NetWeaver-related navigation structures on SDN. A similar navigation pattern is planned for the SAP NetWeaver pages on

Previous IT Scenarios-Based SAP NetWeaver Technology Map (Edition 2007)

Supporting a variety of key IT activities, IT scenarios provide a guided approach on how to implement IT projects and how best to leverage SAP NetWeaver. The previous version of the SAP NetWeaver Technology Map (Edition 2007) used IT Scenarios as its main structural element - this edition is still valid for SAP NetWeaver 7.0 and can be accessed using the SAP NetWeaver Technology Platform.

From Scenario to Capability View

The new technology map does not contradict the scenario-based approach used in the previous version of the map: Capabilities are simply an alternative and simplified view that allows you to drill down more intuitively. The guided approach provided by the scenarios will be used within SAP Solution Manager and SAP NetWeaver documentation to give customers best practices for implementation projects. It is easy to map the scenarios to the new capabilities (for example, Running an Enterprise Portal -> Portal and Collaboration). For an overview of these mappings, refer to the following table.

Mapping Table

SAP NetWeaver Technology Map - Edition 2007

SAP NetWeaver Technology Map - Edition 2010

IT Practices/IT Scenarios

Related Capability Topics/Areas

User Productivity Enablement

User Productivity

Data Unification

Information Management

Business Information Management

Information Management

Business Event Management

Business Process Management

End-to-End Process Integration

Business Process Management; SOA Middleware

Custom Development

Composition and Application Development

Unified Life-Cycle Management

Lifecycle Management

Application Governance and Security Management

Security and Identity Management


Life-cycle Management; Information Management

Enterprise SOA Design and Deployment

SOA Middleware

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