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In previous installations like Netweaver 04 the default jvm needed to be installed in the server previous the installation and normally are from SUN or IBM.

SAP now has it's own jvm and this systems needs to be updated with this new jvm.

In Java systems the jvm patch is present in several files inside of the configuration, because of this SAP released a tool tot switch the jvm (You can download from SAP Marketplace).

1. The Tool asks for the profile path.

2. The tool ask for the .SAR file that contains the sapjvm4.

3. The tool needs the jce_policy file from SUN to continue.

4. Now the tool proposes some changes in the jvm parameters that work accordingly with the new sapjvm. Normally you accept the proposal.

5. The summary shows all the details.

6. The process starts.

7. The tool asks for a system restart and we're done.

8. Finished Successfully.

9. Now we check in SAP configtool that the jvm path has changed to the new sapjvm.


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