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Hello colleagues,

This is my first blog post. Hope you will like it and it will be useful for somebody.

Recently I got acquainted with SAP Mobile Service. The service liked me and I decided to try how it works and explore a bit its capabilities. I really like new low-code paradigm that's why I started learning the service from SAP Mobile Cards creation. As a result I recorded some videos which show process of SAP Mobile Cards development and the result of the development.

I have already seen a number of blog posts here cover the topic. But I wanted to show the whole process: from enabling SAP Mobile Service to SAP Mobile Cards enhancement.

In short the videos below contain the following information:

How to enable SAP Mobile Service.

How to prepare development environment.

How to create a destination.

How to use destination in SAP Mobile Cards.

How to create a SAP Mobile Cards using template.

How to change template, add fields and map data to them.

How to add push notifications.

How to use smartphones features.

How a SAP Mobile Cards work on smartphone.



Many thanks to the blog post and the blog post for inspiration.


I will be grateful for any comments from you.

Thanks for attention and for watching,

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