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2.3. Database Instance installation (saplindb host - SLES 11 (SP3))

- As "root" run the Software Provisioning Manager (70SWPM version):

==>  Error - Profile Directory doesn´t exist  <==

Node /sapwinci/LOD/SYS/profile does not exist

At this point we need to give the path of SAP profile directory, in this specific case this profile directory is in windows host which is, as you know, the host where I installed the SAP ASCS Instance. Therefore it´s crucial that both servers are connected to each other and you must ensure that the linux server (saplindb) has permissions to read and write on windows server (sapwinci) in this specific path/directory.

To correct this issue you need to check first the .host file in windows and linux server. For example in windows host you need to insert the IP address and the hostname of linux server:

Then you may perform a verification and test the connection between the servers using the ping command:

Besides that you need to check the permissions of \sapmnt directory which is the shared directory in windows server for the SAP directory path. In my case I add full control to the group Everyone (which is not recommended in a production environment):

You need to mount the windows share profile directory /sapwinci/LOD/SYS/profile and for this you first need to create a directory, for instance the /sapwinci and then you need to mount the /sapwinci/sapmnt in the linux server using the following command:

mount -t cifs //sapwinci/sapmnt -o username=sapadmin,password=******,uid=lodadm,gid=sapsys /sapwinci

After all this tasks and corrections, I started again the software provisioning manager and it stopped again with an error, this one related with a specific profile parameter.

==>  Error - Profile Directory doesn´t exist  <==

Profile parameter rdisp/msserv_internal is not set for instance ASCS00/LOD on host sapwinci.

SOLUTION: Set the parameter in the default profile and restart the instance.

For more information see SAP Note 821875

Check if the rdisp/msserv_internal has the value 3900 (39nn):

Restart the SAP system (LOD system):

You can continue with the Database Instance installation:

Note: For a heterogeneous system copy you will need to generate the migration key at Enter the installation number of your source system when prompted.

You can see in the following video all the details of the "Parameter Summary" screen:

This is the size of file system before the Oracle database installation:


SAP Migration – Win/MaxDB <=> Win & Linux/Oracle DB - PART 5

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