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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction

  2. Overview

  3. Scenario

  4. Solution

  5. Conclusion

  1. Introduction – The purpose of this document is to explain how to notify the respective user for Change request update via Email.

  2. Overview – In SAP MDG Change Request travel to the different level of approver in that system SAP provide a provision to update User (Requestor / Approver) for action or informative item.

  3. Scenario

      1. A CR reaches to Approver for action than an Email should be triggered to his work email ID so action can be taken with immediate effect.

      2. On final action (Approve/Reject /Revision) at ‘Change Request’ should be updated to CR-Creator (requestor).

  4. Solution

    To implement Email functionality, we need to follow 3 simple steps.

      1. Define ‘Service Name’ in MDG-Configuration.

      2. Mention Service Name in ‘Decision Table’(Rule Base Workflow).

      3. Handle Service in BADI and trigger Email Code.

Define ‘Service Name’ in MDG-Configuration: Goto MDGIMG(t-code) and Create New ’Service Name’.


Mention Service Name in ‘Decision Table’(Rule Base Workflow):  Open Decision table of desired CR.

Handle Service in BADI and trigger Email Code.



Its Importing parameter : IV_SERVICE_NAME

Whose value will be IV_SERVICE_NAME = ‘Z_EMAIL_SERVICE’.


If IV_SERVICE_NAME = ‘Z_EMAIL_SERVICE’ + Business Condition (if Any).

“  Email Function Module/Method.


Email can be checked in SOST t-Code

   5. Conclusion: This  process will activate email functionality and system will update Approver and Requestor on  CR activity

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