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Part 1 in this series lists down various tools and techniques available for MDG data migration.

Part 2 explains the MDG Data Import Framework and File upload method

Part 3 provides details about SAP Data Services and S/4HANA Migration cockpit in terms of MDG data loads

This blog would explain how the next-generation HANA powered tools such as Smart Data Integrator (SDI), Smart Data Quality (SDQ) and SAP Agile Data Preparation (ADP) can be utilized in MDG on S/4HANA data migration.

Smart Data Integrator (SDI) and Smart Data Quality (SDQ)

SDI and SDQ are both SAP HANA Enterprise Information Management (EIM) tools.

SDI provides both data replication and data transformation services and SDQ provides advanced transformations to support DQ functionalities such as address cleansing.

SAP HANA SDI and SDQ help to cleanse, transform enrich and load the data in HANA on-prem or in the cloud. While SDI is not a typical data migration tool, it can be used in combination with the Data migration Cockpit (Staging option) to perform the initial data load in MDG. SDI is not a replacement for SAP Data Services. For loading data into HANA, tools which include Data Services may have a too huge of a footprint.  SDI and SDQ make use of existing HANA technology and provides ETL features natively in HANA.

The following screenshot shows an SDI flowgraph that filters the customer data and loads the data into the Migration Cockpit staging table.

How to check if SAP HANA SDI is licensed and available for you?

If you can enable Data Provisioning (DP) Server in HANA, then you are licensed. Refer to SAP note 2677716 for more information. Though SDQ is a subset of SDI, you need to license the address directories separately.

SDQ can also help in the DQM solution (when MDG uses SAP HANA as the operational database) and various stages of the MDG consolidation process.

To learn more about SDI/SDQ, watch SAP HANA Academy videos on YouTube.
SAP Agile Data Preparation (ADP)

SAP ADP empowers the organizations to improve the data quality and provides the data quality statistics via discovering, preparing, and sharing data without a single line of code. ADP guides through simple ways to cleanse, enrich, and combine your data.

SAP ADP can obtain data from any remote sources that HANA Smart Data Integration can access including NoSQL databases. It can also get the data sourced from CSV, Excel or XML files.

ADP provides the capabilities that include

  • Data profiling

  • Data quality monitoring

  • Data transformation

As ADP gives the spreadsheet-like look and feel, you can apply actions such as filtering, aggregation, merging, appending, and formulas in just a few clicks.

You can build Information Steward like Data Quality Scorecards in ADP for your MDG implementation projects. The following screenshot shows a material master data quality scorecard.


Incase of MDG data loads, ADP can be used in combination with Data Services or S/4HANA Migration cockpit or both.  The following diagram shows a scenario where SAP DS, ADP and Migration Cockpit used together.

Part 5 explains MDG consolidation data import and traditional data loads methods using back-end functions

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