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We have SAP PI system since its 7.0X version and till today we ware manually starting and stopping PI Adapter Engine. This task was not easy till we discovered SAP note: 1884085 - Suspend/Resume PI Adapter Engine

We have almost 44 communication channels and some of them are set to automatic and manually controlled. when you stop them manually through communication channel monitoring they all set to default Automatic. This was painful and we need to take screenshots of their status before we take an outage on SAP system.

In this blog will show you process to stop/suspend PI adapter engine and how to start/resume it.

What you need is PI administrative access to start and stop communication channels.

Open SAP PI NWA page and navigate to Operations >> Jobs >> Java Scheduler

Now navigate to Tab Tasks and click Add

Search for "SuspendResumeAFWJob" and click Next by highlighting it.

Click Next on this screen

If you have this box checked i.e.  it will Suspend PI Adapter Engine all communication channels.

Now go to the simple tab and Set appropriate Start time and press Add button


As soon as Job successfully run you will notice that this stopped all communication channels as shown below


Now when you ready to start/resume all channels you can run the same job with channels suspended box UNCHECKED as shown below


If you require more information about this please have a look into SAP notes below

870864 - Starting and Stopping a SAP PI system

1884085 - Suspend/Resume PI Adapter Engine

2537964 - PI SuspendResumeAFWJob error

Thank you for reading.

Yogesh Patel
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