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Hello Everyone

While developing the application using ComboBox we all have seen that default items shows only up to 100 records.

Control like Table and List support Paging and directly ask the list binding for the needed data for example when scrolling down. Other controls might not support this. In this case the size limit of the model is used.

We can change the size limit of Model to needed range.
                var that = this;
var newArray = new Array();
var oModel = new sap.ui.model.json.JSONModel();
this.getData(function (data){
each(data.Countries,function(index, countrie){
var newData = merge({
"flag":"png100px/" + countrie.CountryCode.toLowerCase() + ".png"
that.getView().setModel(oModel, "covid");

 <Table id="CovidTableid" items="{covid>/}" visible="false">

Now Table can show up to 300 as the Model size limit is set to 300.

But wile working with ComboBox we can also add the Limit by setting length in items.
<ComboBox id="TaxCodeCID" change="handelTaxCode" items="{path : '/ZTAXCODESet', length : '500'}">
<core:ListItem id="TaxCodeListID" key="{WITHT}" text="{DROP_DOWN}"/>

items="{path : '/Your path', length : '500'}

Now you can see the Records up to 500 by increasing the size limit of your model or defining the length can work.

You can refer the  for particular properties of a control in API.

Hope this will help you all.

Thanks 🙂
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