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  • Install SAP NetWeaver Application Server 7.3 or 7.4 for Java.
    • The recommended minimum SAP NetWeaver Support Package stacks are:
    • SAP NetWeaver Release 7.30 Support Package 08
    • SAP NetWeaver Release 7.31 Support Package 04
    • SAP NetWeaver Release 7.40 Support Package 04

  • Install LVM by SUM (Deploy below SCA files by SUM) & Restart SAP.

SCA File



This SCA file contains Crystal Reports for

Eclipse and is used by SAP Landscape Virtualization Management

to generate and display reports.


This SCA file contains all functional coding and

is the main component of SAP Landscape Virtualization Management.


The enterprise enablement and auditing SCA file

activates the enterprise functionality within SAP Landscape Virtualization Management

  • After the initial setup, you can access SAP Landscape Virtualization Management using the following URL:


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