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It’s all about cheese!

Cheese......... There are more than 4,500 varieties of cheese!

My Lumira visualizations include popularity, cost, ageing, use in popular dishes, consumption etc as attributes.

1. Popularity of cheese.

I have used a text chart to determine the popularity of cheese. The following visualization shows the most popular varieties of cheese in bigger font and least in smaller.

2. Cost vs Popularity.

I have used a bubble chart to determine cost vs popularity ratio of various cheeses. The popularity also determines the size of the bubble.

3. Ageing of cheese.

The following area chart determine the time taken for a cheese to come into market.

4. Fat vs Protein

The bar chart gives us an idea about the fat to protein ratio of various cheeses.

5. Consumers of cheese

The following geo-chart shows the top consumers of cheese.

6. Cholesterol levels

The radar chart shows the levels of cholesterol in various cheeses.

7. Use of cheese in popular dishes

Cheese is used in a number of popular dishes like pizza, pasta, burger, sandwiches etc.

The following 3-D chart shows the usage of cheese in popular in these dishes

Here is a youtube link to my SAP Lumira Project:

LumiraProject - YouTube

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