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SAP's thomasb.kuruvilla provided this webcast on US Tax Day, assisted by gowdatimma.ramu

I thank them both for taking the time to support ASUG.

The usual legal disclaimer applies, that things in the future are subject to change.

Figure 1: Source: SAP

Server options for on premise include Lumira Server for teams, which is for a line of business for small teams, stand alone, admin,

Planned GA end of this month is Lumira Server for BI Platform

Figure 2: Source: SAP

SAP Lumira becomes 1st class citizen of BI platform, the speaker said.  Figure 2 shows saving the Lumira document to the BI platform.

Figure 3: Source: SAP

Figure 3 shows you can open and edit a Lumira document from the BI Platform

Figure 4: Source: SAP

A new query panel is delivered as an extension

Figure 4 shows support for a distributed deployment

ESRI support is planned for 1.25 release

Figure 5: Source: SAP

Figure 5 shows Windows support

Only English is supported. Browsers supported are IE10/11 and Chrome

Figure 6: Source: SAP

Figure 6 shows the New Universe Query Panel that is an extension

Figure 7: Source: SAP

Same host deployment is for testing, small production.  For production, SAP says to size the server – how many concurrent users?

What is the average document size?

Figure 8: Source: SAP

SAP recommends a distributed deployment for larger production deployments; an APS is needed.

Screen on the right what is shown when installing

Figure 9: Source: SAP

To support document refresh, the file needs to be in same location

It does not support HANA for refresh

Query panel extension is a manual install – separate but simple

SAP says to maintain the same version between BI platform and desktop

Future Plans (subject to change)

Figure 10: Source: SAP

Figure 10 covers future plans for 2015, including data refresh with BW acquisition, parity w/ SAP Lumira Desktop for FHSQL

A prepare room inside browser by end of year, enhance scheduling, support for Mobile BI, additional language support for Lumira Desktop, and improve auditing

The plan is to bring back Information Steward for data lineage, and they are investing on extension management

The option to refresh on open is planned in a release this year

Question & Answer

Q:  Any plans to introduce SAP Lumira in-memory engine into Design Studio? I think it will help with speed for NON- HANA customers and also with interoperability between these tools

A:  I am not aware of any such plans for in-memory engine in Design Studio. However, we do have plans for interoperability between these clients


Q:  Will there be architectural change on our end when updating to HANA as calculation engine later this year?

A:  No changed in architecture, HANA would be used as a calculation engine when you create Lumira document with HANA Online


Q:  what is velocity engine?

A:  It is a light weight in-memory engine used in lumira desktop and lumira server


Q:  Is velocity engine is nothing but IQ?

A:  No, it is not IQ


Q:  When will connection to BICS connections be available?

A:  BW Acquisition is currently planned forlate Q2


Q:  What is the source for this document?  Does it require a universe?  Can it source BW?

A:  Source is Universe, to be specific UNX. BW is not yet supported on Lumira Server for BIP. We do plan to have BW acqisition support in Lumira Desktop and Lumira Server for BIP in future


Q:  Is there no data source refresh for HANA views?

A:  Not supported with Lumira Server for BI Platform 1.25, is planned for future release. in the meantime, you can use Generic JDBC or UNX on HANA Views as the source


Q:  When will SAP "Authentication" be supported for SAP Lumira Server for BI Platfrom...?

A:  SAP Authentication is planned to be supprted along with support for BW Acquisition in late Q2


Q:  SAP Lumira server for BI Platform is seperate installation or its going to be part of future BO-BI platform installer?

A:  It is going to be an add-on for the near future including on BI 4.2


Q:  Would generic JDBC allow for "live" querying on the views?

A:  No, it would create and update the dataset on manual Refresh


Q:  Is there any limitation to no of rows/data volume that Lumira velocity engine can handle or is it dependent on the Server Hardware memory?

A:  We are currently working on the Sizing recomendation. we would be highlighting the numbers as part of sizing guide. for now, you can reffer to  


Q:  All types of UNX supported?  (Multi-source, ECC jCo connections, etc?)

A:  Not all UNX and UNX features would be supported, would have the limitation documented in Lumira Desktop user guide


Q:  Related to sizing, would Velocity Engine resource utilization be higher/lower/same as the Explorer Server utilization on the same volume of dataset?

A:  unlike explorer , while working with the Lumira Document on BI Platform, the entire dataset would get loaded into memory. It would be multiplied in case of merged datasets.


Q:  Will there be any SIZING of SAP Lumira Server for BIP sessions ready for SAPPHIRE or ASUG SABOUC Conferences...?

A:  Thomas has a SAP Lumira Deployment options session BI1044 + we have round table sessions

A:  Please see full ASUG BI schedule for ASUG Annual conference at  

A:  Please join session  


Q:  Is there a plan to support Bex Query/BICS? Can we access BW data using an QLAP Relational universe now?

A:  support for BW data acqisition using Bex Queries is planned for late Q2. Yes, you can use Relational UNX on BW


Q:  Is there a support for Oracle based UNX universes

A:  Yes, UNX based on relational data sources are supported


Q:  Will Lumira support BeX queries in BW?

A:  Yes, planned for late Q2


Q:  Will Lumira Server for BI Platform be supported on a Windows OS?

A:  It is currently supported on Windows 2008 R2 SP1 and 2012 R2


Q:  If the XLS file is hosted on the BI Platform. Can you use that XLS/CSV file as a source for Lumira

A:  No, the files have to be on the file system


Q:  Can Lumira Documents be accessed from the Mobile app if it is published to the BI Platform. Does this need to be Enterprise or AD Auth only?

A:  support for viewing Lumira stories on Mobile BI application is planned for future releases


Q:  Why is the Universe Query Panel an extension and not built-in? Will the existing built-in option eventually be replaced with the new extension? Having two universe options with different functionality will cause confusion for users and a support nightmare.

A:  Support for universes will continue; Query panel extension has a more rich experience - it provides more flexible - it was an extension to reduce Lumira Desktop footprint - recommendation is to use query panel extension for the .UNX


Q:  How will Lumira BI Server and Lumira Server on HANA co-exist

A:  Had this with LIMA - see blogs on SCN elaborate for LIMA

A:  Lumira Server for BI platform does not require HANA


Q:  Can Lumira BI Server work in a multi-tier environment (web components installed on a different VM)?

A:  Yes, we have 4 components as part of installer. Lumira Server, Lumira Scheduling service, Restful Web Service and Lumira web application. all can be deployed on seperate boxes with pre-requisites

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