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During the past month, i've been testing the connectivity of SAP Lumira with Spark on Azure was able to create great analytics.

here are the steps you need to follow :

1. Download and install Simba ODBC with SQL connector

2 .Configure the Simba ODBC with SQL connector

Guide: Spark ODBC Driver Quickstart

Configuration used in our testing:

3. Download and install SAP Lumira Spark extension

4. Launch SAP Lumira

5. Acquire Data:

6. Datasource selection:

Hint: it might be hidden behind the “add new dataset screen”

6. Press OK

7. Enter the password

  • Optional : Test the connection

8. Press Ok, then ok

9. You can either select an entire table as the data set

10. Or fitter the data with SQL statements

Hint: if you face issue here, you may wanna try the query within beeline to make sure the syntax is ok and nothing is wrong with the cluster

11. Re-enter the password.

Hint: it might be hidden behind the “add new dataset screen”

enjoy :smile:

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