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This document provides the detail steps for creating a geographical visualization of data. A simple use case is detailed in the blog SAP Lumira – a powerful tool to visualize data, big or small. In this exercise, 678K rows of wildfire data for the period 1980 -2012 is considered for geographical visualization.

Organize your data in the supported format. In this example, we will consider excel CSV format as follows.

Launch SAP Lumira and select New Document.

Here we have options to select multiple data sources through the pop up window.

Once we select the data source, we will have an opportunity to select the required columns prior to acquire the data.

It may take few seconds to scan the data and load to Lumira

Now the data is ready for you can apply global filters by right click on the desired column.

We have the geographical information as STATE, LATITUDE and LONGITUDE. We need to create a Geo smart object for enabling Geographic visualization.  Right click on the STATE column and create a Geographic Hierarchy.

Let us use the latitude and longitude and proceed with a single level.

The calculated column 'Country' is added to the data and also these objects are turned to geo smart object.

We can start visualization and SAP Lumira provide various options. Let us filter the data for the organization to reduce the number of records. There are some restrictions for the tool tips to enable in the chart.

Once we select the Geo Visualization option, we can select the measure, geography and overlays. It is also possible to drill down through  these charts.

The below chart is a Tree chart and multiple level drill down is possible.

The overlay function allow us to represent more information in the map.

It is possible to create complex visualization logic and we can incorporate multiple filter option. The below chart is a representation of the acres by state with multiple overlay parameters.

It is a powerful tool and it can ignite creative ideas!

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