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This was from an SAP Webcast on Lumira Geospatial last week

SAP answered the questions below

Q: I'd like to see a demo of Lumira's annimation feature. Is is only avaialble on the bubble chart?  Thanks.

A: Yes, it is supported on Bubble only

Q: ok future enhancement perhaps then?

A: would be great if you could submit an idea in ideaplace, would help us to add to backlog and prioritize

Q: Can free Esri maps in Lumira work in offline (without internet connection)?

A: you need connectivity to ArGSIS server to use ESRI

in future release we plan to support On-Prem ESRI deployment.

for offline you can make use of NavTeQ maps

Q: NavTeQ = Nokia/HERE?

A: Yes

Q: Do we need separate ESRI license?

A: the base maps are available with no user or license requirements from 1.29 onwards

Q: How often the Navtec DB is updated ?

A: DB update isnt fequent, its quite stable with 100k limitation. udpates depends on any issues

Q: Any ability to add layers to the off-line database within Lumira..? (eg. District Maps, Electoral Zones)..?

A: Not possible to add layers for offline maps

Q: how to decipher the buble legend.  There are 3 circles, what does it represent?

A: it helps in relating to overall measure value depending on the Size

Q: how Navteq DB will work if my ds is BEx query

A: Yes the NAvTeq DB is bundled with Lumira desktop

Q: is it possible to only see one country in the map?

A: you can make use of Filter

Q: can it pass the parameters from the geo chart to the drill down report?

A: not possible as of today

Q: how DB will work if i a using DS as BEx query it will get data from BEX or NAVTEQ Db how data will get loaded?

A: In this case the data is loaded for BeX to Lumira, When you create a Geo hierarchy based on Dimensions Lumira takes care of Geocoding values with offline DB

Q: Replace NavTec w/ SAP HANA?

A: Not now; roadmap look at online cases

Q: I have Lumira 1.30 installed. Whhen I try to use an ESRI map I get "Not a subscription user"

A: Uncheck

Q: what are the output formats for animated geo maps?

A: interactive animation, no external output

Q: is the free ESRI maps supported on BI platform? is there plan to support on MObile and offline?

A: Yes

Q:  What is the "roadmap" for adding ESRI & other GEO-views into WebI, Crystal, etc..?

A: Thinking of harmonizing a geo solution across the platforms

webi 4.2 supports Navtaq maps now

Q: can we schedule /lums file through BO platform?

A: publish to BI platform by logging in

Schedule LS4BIP

Q: is there a matrix that describes differences between free and licensed Lumira?

A: Lumira 1.30 onwards

Trial 30 days

Trial/license - no difference

Q: is it posiible to use longitude and latitude instead of named places

A: Yes possible

Q: Lumira versus C4A

A: Lumira is On-Prem solution and C4A is a Cloud offering. you can choose between those based on your deployment approach

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