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Earlier this year SAP commissioned my team at EV Technologies to create an independent benchmark, the first in a series, in an effort to demonstrate how SAP Lumira works under different workload scenarios.

Like any good SAP BI Platform implementation, the first step of our project was to define the technical requirements for a landscape that could scale to meet the needs of our tests. Using our new, handy dandy SAP BI4 Sizing Estimator, we took our designs to a “clean” and "quiet", Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment to serve as our lab for this exercise. The complete technical specs and details are available in the full report.

For this first phase of performance testing, we wanted to show how SAP Lumira would perform for a single user against a series of increasingly larger data sets. We then compared that with the experience a single user would have trying to accomplish the same reporting tasks using a more "traditional" reporting tool, Web Intelligence.

Webi remains a valuable tool in the BI Platform. It is evident in this test that when managing large data sets and the manipulation of them, Lumira is the right tool for the use case we have defined in this paper: data discovery. Webi remains the stalwart, self-service, interactive reporting solution in the BI Platform for building rich and interactive reporting solutions

Further, we conducted the test with both desktop and server tools and ran the same tests in all of the applicable cases.

No spoilers here, but the outcomes were awesome. Click through to the full report for the results, and stay tuned for the next round of benchmarks!

I also want to thank my Managed Services team for building a sturdy BI4 and SAP HANA landscape for us to beat up during this test, and to our budding Data Scientist, craig.eudy, for putting some science into this whole process. And, of course, ina.mutschelknaus, for giving us this opportunity.

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