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It is always fun to be with kids and I manage to find time to coach FIRST robotics teams ( While working with the kids for the 2013 First Lego League (FLL) Natures’ Fury challenge, one of the problems I came across as a coach was how to help the kids understand big data.

Mathematical analysis or presentation may not go well with a 6th grader.  A visual medium for data analysis is a key factor to help them understand and analyze the data. That’s where SAP Lumira came in handy for providing insight to one of the major natural disasters – wildfires.

USGS site gives the statistics of Wild fires in US from 1980 to 2012. The data was in dbf format and I use xBaseView DBF Viewer to convert to CSV. I knew these numbers are not going to keep the kids interested unless I have a tool to represent the data where they can navigate themselves.

The one click CSV acquisition option did the trick! SAP Lumira is so powerful and interesting tool for the members of my team and they came up with various visualizations within minutes without any training. I am surprised to see the heat map view of the wildfires across the United States in addition to the Tree map.

They are still trying to get Geo based charts and I am sure they will crack it in a day or two. Now the kids can navigate through the data, they can find out which state has the highest rate of wildfires, which year we had highest wild fires etc without any help.  They think it is cool and I am glad I tried it!

The Geo visualization is more powerful than I expected. The detail steps on this is provided in the document SAP Lumira - How to create geographic visualization?

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