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Today SAP (Jie Deng, Ramu Gowda) provided an ASUG webcast on SAP Lumira 2.0

As usual, the disclaimer applies that things in the future are subject to change.

I won't repeat the slides I've seen here or seen several times before.


Source: SAP

You can see above the roadmap is very packed.

Source: SAP

Above are the release timelines, subject to change

We had over 60 questions in the question & answer, so below I highlight a few  - thank you, Ramu, for answering so many questions.

Question & Answer

Q: When does the support for Design studio version 1.6 end
A: We plan to maintain DS 1.6 until mid 2018 i.e. June 2018. Having said that, we plan to support DS 1.6 applications in compatibility mode with no changes required on upgrade to 2.0
Q: is both discovery and designer good for non sap data sources ?
A: Designer has Live connection to BW, HANA and UNX. Discovery supports connectivity to all other sources supporting JDBC connectivity via FHSQL including UNX, HANA and BW. Additionally, you can create your own extensions to connect to specific sources.

Q: Why Velocity in-memory engine and not HANA?
A: Velocity engine is a version based on HANA which is packaged along with Discovery for customers to avoid dependency HANA. If you have HANA, you can connect to HANA in Live mode and delegate all calculations to HANA to take advantage of it instead of Velocity.

Q: Any improvements on UNX SOURCE - increasing the size of rows
A: Yes, the inter-operability would enable you to acquire and prepare data in discovery and use this dataset for building applications on Designer. in this case, the applications use Velocity engine (instead of Live connectivity to UNX)and supports data with no row level limitation unlike DS to UNX connectivity

Q: Is the velocity engine also installed onto the desktop/laptop with the Lumira Desktop installation?
A: yes

Q: Is there a limit of data cells in the "In memory Data engine"?
A: There is no such limit imposed by Velocity or Discovery, the volume of data you can load depends on resource availability on your servers

Q: Can calculated measures be created in Lumira with the BW Live connection?
A: with Lumira 2.0 release, we don't support data preparation and enrichment capabilities. Its planned for future releases.

Q: I'm on the Lumira 2.0 beta program. If I found a bug, where should I record it?
A: If you are part of EAC, then please create an issue in BCP. If part of Open Beta, please share it with your SAP Contact supporting Open Beta which we will collate.

Q: During the transition phase - will we be able to install 2.x client on machines that have Lumira Desktop and Design Studio client installed on? Or we have to uninstall 1.x clients first?
A: Yes, We do plan o support side by side installation only for Desktop clients. that's not a possibility on Server add-on

Q: Will the Crosstab component's vertical scrolling perform more quickly as in the current version of Lumira or will it remain slow as in Design Studio?
A: We are actually using Design Studio XTab in Lumira 2.0. Having said that, we have couple of enhancements planned for XTab scrolling experience.

Q: Can you please elaborate on the planned XTab enhancements and when they might become available? This is very important to us and our users.
A: improvements to responsiveness on scrolling, selection of single cell in crosstab for scripting are the major once in Designer. Drill and interactivity in XTab possible in DS are now also supported in Discovery with common component

Q: Will we have the possibility to create a cascade prompt directly on a datasource?
A: You can today pass values to Prompts or Variables created at Source. and additionally filter data only from BW during acquisition.

Q: Will the definition of calculated key figures, restricted key figures, and structures within BEx Query designer eventually move to Lumira's data preparation area?
A: Lumira Discovery isn't planned to be a Query Designer. However, we plan to deliver few capabilities or data enrichment like Creating calculated measures, Geo hierarchies, Custom hierarchies, Blending with other sources etc..

Q: Will Lumira 2.0 release or higher release support direct connection to ABAP CDS View in S/4HANA (similar to Fiori Query Browser) or it will continue to consume exposed transient providers?
A: It would continue to consume via Transient BEX Queries

Q: To use SAP HANA Live connection what's required on the SAP HANA side? In the server field there is a comment that it should be XS Engine URL:Port.
A: Yes, you need to configure XS URL on HANA just like for A-Office. See SAP Note

Q: Will the Lumira Sizing Guide obe revised before Lumira 2.0 GA? Or does the current guidance for LS4BIP 1.31 carry over to Lumira 2.0 (server)?
A: We do plan to have updated Sizing guide for Lumira 2.0. in the meantime, 1.x guide can still be a reference.

Q: Will we able to use it in all function on MOBILE SAP APP?
A: Response layout will automatically adjust to the resolution on the mobile device

Q: Is full compatibility with 4k (High-DPI) monitors planned?
A: Yes, we expect the Story or Applications to render responsively irrespective of screen size and resoltion

Q: Are standard filter variables like current day, current fiscal period, etc. available?
A: Not out of the box in Discovery, you can script is in Designer. we do plan to support this out of the box in future releases.

Q: can you format colum widths and row heights?
A: Yes, all formatting possible earlier in DS are supported now in Discovery. its a same component
Q: Hi, can we fomat the numbers for measures in Milions, Thousands, etc. instead of having to create a new variable as we had to in WebI ?
A: Yes, you can do number formatting in visualizations for better readability.

Q: When I update the server component to Lumira 2.0 - can I then uninstall Design Studio Add-on 1.x and the Lumira Server for BI Platform 1.x installation? Or those installations will be required to remain on the machine for the base install?
A: See Matt Shaw's blog:

Q: is the map provided by ESRI?
A: Yes, you get 4 base maps by default in both Discovery and Designer

Q: Is it possible to map data two different datasets in a single geo chart?
A: Yes, that's an enhancement in Lumira Discovery 2.0

Q: Is snap to grid (automatic alignment) for charts planned? It should be pixel perfect. Currently it's quite difficult to align them properly.
A: in Discovery 2.0, we reuse the canvas from Design Studio. It support pixel perfect placement. and inserting a visualization results in automatic alignment and placing by application.
Q: Is it possible to map unfound 'city' to standard city name? (This helps me from stop messing the original data)
A: Yes, you can as long as the city is available in the Geo Database packaged with application
Q: Are the slides available?
A: Yes, logon to and go to
Q: At the moment there is a restriction in Design Studio 1.6 to consume max. 50000 data cells. Is this restriction still existing in Lumira Designer, too?
A: I assume you are referring to via UNX, that would be solved by using Datasets from Lumira Discovery to build applications.
Q: Will the real time package for live streaming be available in Lumira2?

A: the streaming connectivity we have in DS 1.6 would be continued to supported in Designer only in 2.0. we plan to extend that for Discovery in future release.
Q: Is Lumira 2.x able to consume data from Google BiqQuery natively?
A: Not available Out of the box, you can either use JDBC (if its supported) or build a Data access extension.

Q: Will the Lumira server be suported in Linux??
A: Yes SUSE and RedHat by GA




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