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Prepare Your Dataset is the second of the 5 part series - SAP Lumira for Beginners,


Once the data is acquired from a source, Lumira converts it into a flat file structure (rows & columns).

This makes it easier to merge, append and eventually understand the data better.


The Prepare room forms a critical aspect in Lumira as we would need to model the data in the right manner to build effective visualizations and make clever business decisions. It is really simple to use and most of the features are intuitive.


The following are the options available in the Prepare room,

1) Measures : All the fields which are numeric are listed under measures by default.

The important features of measures can be accessed as follows,


2) Dimensions : This represents all the columns which can be character, numeric, geo, date or time fields.

There are lot of features available for dimensions and the type is indicated by the icon next to it,



3) Custom : This feature enables you to build hierarchies on the fly using a combination of dimensions.

4) Geo : This feature can be leveraged on maps to drill down based on names / lat and long values.

5) Date/Time : This feature would be used only on date/time fields to build hierarchies.


All hierarchies can be created from the settings option of a dimension. It will be accessed from the Dimensions panel.


6) Data Actions Panel : Other operations that can be performed as a part of data cleansing/manipulation can be found under this section. There are different options for text and numeric dimensions.


7) Indicates the data set in use. We can also switch between datasets and also add new datasets.


😎 Grid View : Detailed views showing all the rows and columns.

9) Facet View : Summarized view showing the values and the number of each record.

10) This option would be handy to Hide/Show columns that needs to be displayed.


11) Calculation : We can use this feature to create new measures or dimensions on the fly.

We cannot perform a combination of measures and dimension using this option. Lumira supports a wide range of functionalities. This can be accessed by under the Functions section. A quick tutorial will be available under Help if you select a particular function.


12) Combine : This provides us the option to Merge/Append new data to the existing dataset.


Using the Merge option we can add new columns. We just need to take care of unique key.

The Type of Merge and the Match % shows where the combination can be improved.


Append on the other hand will add new rows to the data set.

We need to take care of matching columns, else the union cannot be performed.


This document is a quick reference to the functions available in the Prepare room. For more detailed examples, please refer to the Preparing Data in Official Product Tutorials – SAP Lumira


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