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Acquire a Dataset is the first of the 5 part series - SAP Lumira for Beginners,


The following are the basic connectivity options available for different data sources. (File > New)

You would need access to the data source to move forward. Most of them require details like System, Authentication Type, Server, Port, Instance, Username, and Password. The following images show how easy it is to navigate and select the required measures, dimensions and filter conditions after the credentials are entered.


Local Data Sources: Excel (1), Text (2), Clipboard (3)

Excel files have the following options available,

Text files have the following options available,

Clipboard has similar options to Text files. In addition we would paste the data as follows,

SAP Sources: HANA (4,5); BW (6); Universe (7,11)


HANA can have a online (live) connection using Option 4 and an offline (download) connection using Option 5. The following options are available after selecting the respective view and table,

BW and Universe connectors are available as default extensions that can be downloaded. (File>Extensions)

The BW Connector using Option 6 has the following functionalities after selecting the required BEx query,


Prefered method connecting to Universe is using Option 7 as follows,

Other Databases: Download by writing a freehand SQL (8)


You can find a list of databases that you can connect using Option 8,

We can query the database using SQL statements,

We can access other databases by installing the required drivers (File>Preferences>SQL Drivers)

Big Data: Hadoop(9) and SQL on Hadoop(10)


Prefered method to connect to Big Data would be using SQL on Hadoop (Option 10),

Use Port : 10000 (Apache Hadoop) ; 21050 (Cloudera Impala)

This document is a quick reference for acquiring data from different sources before heading to the Prepare phase. For a more detailed example, please refer to the Acquiring Data in Official Product Tutorials – SAP BusinessObjects Lumira

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