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Dear All,

With this blog I would like to share the learning which i had when i wanted to use the same source system for replication from different clients using the same controller SLT system.

SLT Replication Server Version details:

          SLT NW 731 SP5 – DMIS 2011_731 SP5 on Oracle Database

          HANA Revision: 74.04

SAP LT Replication server – Allow Multiple Usage

          In certain cases where any single client replication from a source system is not enough and we want to use the same source system again for the replication but this time from a different client.

          For any SLT system we can use the same source systems 4 times, only if the reuse of the system is marked as true.

          For making multiple source system connections using the same source system we have to make sure that the option “Allow Multiple Usage” option is checked during the first SLT replication configuration.

          If the option “Allow Multiple Usage” is not selected for a particular source system the only option available in that case would be to delete the configuration and create a new one with this check “Allow Multiple Usage” as true. For new configuration we don't need to create a new schema in HANA we can use the same schema for replication.

          Please Note: Checking the option “Allow Multiple Usage” doesn’t have any impact even if the source system is not configured again for replication. Thus it is always a best practice to check the option “Allow Multiple Usage”.

Please do let me know your feedback on same or let me know in case of any questions and concern.

Thanks and Regards,

Amar Ghuge

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