This was an SAP User Group webcast, which interested me as we have an ASUG session at 2018 ASUG Annual Conference on this topic:Schindler Accelerates Business Transformation Through Connected Data - ASUG10945
Explore how data, the new center of gravity in today’s digital world, is redefining business models and disrupting markets. Hear how SAP Data Network monetizes unique insights from data to offer CEOs new growth opportunities and to enable superior customer experiences. Learn how Schindler has reimagined its business by putting data at the core. (Source: SAP/ASUG)


Source: ASUG/SAP

I am thrilled to have the CDO of Schindler, Michael Nilles, presenting along SAP's ingrid-helen.arnold , President of the SAP Data Network.


Abstract of the webcast:
SAP Leonardo Data Intelligence

Data is the most underestimated asset of our time. Traditionally it drove operational excellence, today it drives differentiation and growth. Therefore data, in today’s world is a strategic competitive advantage.


SAP Data Intelligence operates as a team of experts that is laser-focused on delivering customer value within short time-to-market, realizing business value in 4 months through a standardized process that is built on SAP’s design thinking methodology. It harnesses all of SAP’s leading-edge cloud technology and services to deliver ready-to-consume data monetization cloud services.


You will get

• an overview of SAP’s take on Data Monetization

• an overview of available products

• insights from data driven customer projects

Source: SAP User Group

SAP Data Network team is focusing on data monetization.  SAP Leonardo focus is "innovation" - a portfolio of technologies and offers technology bundles, and methodologies with "Faster innovation, less risk" (source: SAP)

Source: SAP

Data intelligence is a big word; data volumes are growing

Data is "the new asset"

Today focuses on Live Customer Cloud; right ecosystem, connections, and "unleash" data

Source: SAP

New revenue streams for customers with the data

Connect your data sources with the right combination of external data sources

Discover value

Source: SAP

What does data monetization mean?

Above shows three directions

Schindler (Elevator company) - they have installation data, they have the data, but not predict the future of the elevator

They took the installation data and combined it with the weather data

They were able to predict which sites needed more attention

Business efficiency includes predictive maintenance

Not sell raw data; sell insights to other

Source: SAP

This is a turnkey solution

Insert customer data, social data, weather data

Based on use case, enrich customer data, data lake for your use case

Cautious about GDPR; anonymize data at customer site

Data ingestion "wrangles" data

Data scientists start writing models or use machine learning, to solve business use case with your data

Comes with nice visualization; uses SAP Analytics Cloud as UI

Hybris billing so you can meter/monetize based on data consumption and packages

Source: SAP

Speed matters; so packaged solutions are available

Behind the scenes, uses Data Hub for pipelines and data orchestration

Data science uses machine learning layer

Source: SAP

All the tools in the previous slide can be accessed with Live Customer Cloud

Source: SAP

Industries such as retailers, and all different industries have data monetization use cases

Insurance risk profiling includes external data

Examples are shown above

Source: SAP

Combine your internal data with the data sources shown above

Data sources are on the SAP platform and can be immediately be used; if you did it yourself it would take a long time

Source: SAP

For retailers, saw patterns - find the next retail site, market basket

Source: SAP

Data ingestion, enrichment, is repetitive

Source: SAP

It is a cloud solution; goal is to be fast and "less risk"

Methodology is 3-4-3 - 3 days of ideation, including design thinking

Source: SAP

Ideation - goal to find a business use case to bring value to your company

Require an NDA for workshop

"no charge" for workshop

Exploration - customer cloud solution - take your company's data and bring in with your solution, building models, visualizing, and build model

Source: SAP

What is your contribution? 2 day workshop at an SAP location, and 1 at your location

Day 3 focuses on data sources

Day 1 & Day 2 - business process specialists, stakeholders


Exploration phase - extract data from your systems, start modeling (happens remotely, weekly meetings)

Source: SAP

You do not need a data monetization use case in mind

Every workshop is different

Personas, user journeys, sketch the flow to understand, using wireframes

Source: SAP

Set up your own data monetization strategic market

SAP Data Hub is behind customer cloud

Source: SAP

Above is a summary slide

Why do it in cloud?  It is turnkey solution; SAP says it can scale

Source: SAP

Data center is located in Germany, GDPR compliant

Source: SAP

SAP references

SAP Site: SAP Data Network | SAP