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SAP leave request approval in Web Dynpro ABAP to overcome payroll lock issue


The generic solution has Webdynpro as a front-end for the end users to access the system. Back-end leave processes are supported by standard ESS function modules and workflows. The solution can be customized based on the Countries and also for the various systems which it needs to integrate. With the use of the proposed system, Leaves can be submitted and approved without any concern of the payroll lock and processing.

1. Leave Overview : Refer figure 1

  • Employees can view all the leave related details in the Leave Overview page.
  • Current leave status, Quota, Holiday Calendar etc. can be seen on this page.
  • Managers can view the number of pending approvals with him/her.

2. Leave Submission : Refer figure 2

  • Employee can send a leave application from this page
  • Normal or Special leave can be applied
  • Employee can send a leave application irrespective of payroll lock

3. Leave Approval : Refer figure 3

  • Manager can approve the leave from this screen
  • Function module PT_ARQ_REQLIST_GET is used to get the leave requests pending for approval.
  • FM takes approver pernr as input parameter. We will get the approver details, Employee details and Request ID on executing this FM.   


im_pernr              = lv_pernr        “approver pernr                   

im_command      = ‘SHOW_WORKLIST’

im_modus            = ‘A’


ex_request_list  = it_ex_request_list_hpernr


ex_messages      = lt_messages

ex_commands    = lt_commands.

  • With the result of this FM, We will fetch the necessary details to be displayed in Approver’s inbox from PTREQ
    tables (PTREQ_ATTABSDATA, PTREQ_ITEMS and PTREQ_HEADER) which is required to approve the leave request.
  • Approver Inbox will have the necessary information to approve a leave request. Approver can select the record and approve leave the request irrespective of payroll lock and processing.

4. Leave Rejection : Refer figure 3

  • Manager can reject the leave from this screen

5. Leave Cancellation : Refer figure 4

  • Applied leaves can be withdrawn by the employees
  • Approved leaves can be cancelled by the employees though it may require manager’s approval.

6. Leave Forward : Refer figure 3

  • Manager’s can forward a leave request to another manager for approval.

7. Holiday Calendar : Refer figure 5

  • Employee can view the holiday calendar for the location he/she is working from.
  • Calendar can be seen for the past 3 years
  • Holiday Calendar helps employee plan his/her leaves better.

Key Advantages

  • With the use of the proposed system, leaves can be submitted and approved without any concern of the payroll lock and processing.
  • Use of standard SAP components hence ease of maintenance
  • Better look and feel with the new system
  • Added features like Calendar, Document upload etc.


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