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This document describes quick procedure of fresh SAP LAMA system build, managed system integration and System Stop/Start scenario Validations.

System Environment:

SAP NetWeaver AS JAVA 750/SP15


References :

Simple Architecture Diagram:

Basically, a deployment of SAP LAMA VCM*.sca files on top of base SAP NetWeaver Java stack makes SAP LAMA environment ready.

Step -1 Install Standalone SAP NetWeaver Java stack

Distributed Installation

<Host Details> <Installation Type>
Host 1 Java Central Services
Host 2 Database Instance Installations
Host 3 Primary Application Server (PAS) Installation


    1. 1> SAP NetWeaver Java - SCS Installation Reference Screenshot:

    1. 2> SAP NetWeaver Java - DB Installation Reference Screenshot

    1. 3 > SAP NetWeaver Java – Primary Application Serve (PAS) Installation Reference Screenshot:

With these steps, base installation of SAP NetWeaver AS Java is complete and home page can be accessed using URL – https://<Host:port>

Step -2 : Deploy files using SUM on top of base NetWeaver AS Java stack to enable SAP LAMA functionality

Step -3 : Run SAP LAMA Configuration Wizard for Initial Setup


Run Configuration wizard using SAP Netweaver Admin URL – http://<Host:Port>/nwa

Install Setup for SAP Landscape Management



After successful run, SAP LAMA home page can be accessed with URL below;

http://<Host:Port>/ lama/index.html


Top Right Corner – LAMA Version


Step -4 : SAP Managed System Integration with managing system SAP LAMA

Summarizing quick steps to integrate any ABAP stack SAP system in the landscape with SAP LAMA to explore wide variety of features/functionalities offered by SAP LAMA product.

Basic Prerequisites -> Network/firewall connectivity, SAP Host Agent installation on managed system

Connecting managed systems to LAMA using host agent:

Configure Pool for logical grouping

SAP Lama Home Page -> Configuration -> Pool


Instance detection




Successfull added Instance list below;



SAP LAMA Dashboard after successful instance detection –


Step-5: Basic scenario of SAP system stop/start using SAP LAMA


Navigate below steps to perform successfully integrated SAP systems stop/start (single/mass operations) centrally with use of SAP LAMA

SAP LAMA Home Page -> Operations -> Select Pool -> Systems -> select system and click Stop/Start button





Select the system and chose stop/start option inside Operations drop down and then click “Execute”

To track the stop/start status and any error logs –

Chose “Monitoring” -> Activites”.

It will provide latest operation status.

And with this it concluded end to end scenario of fresh SAP LAMA system build, configuration and basic scenario validation activities.

Hope this article will be useful for the beginners in SAP LAMA community.


Thank you !!

Rakesh Thakkar.


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