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This is a collection of the most useful SAP Jam resources: documents, blogs, reports, and videos. This includes links that will cover an introduction to SAP Jam, features and functionality, new releases, business cases, integration, and other related documents and resources. It is also recommended to join the SAP Social Software group on LinkedIn and follow SAP Social Software on Google Plus, as this is the leading community for the latest and greatest information on SAP Jam. You can also sign up for SAP Jam here:

Enterprise Social Networking | Collaboration | Cloud | SAP (
SAP Jam (
SAP Jam Content (
SAP Jam – SAP Help Portal Page (
SuccessFactors with SAP ERP HCM. Business Processes and Use (SAP PRESS)
Introducing SAP Jam: Secure, social collaboration where you work
Making Enterprise Social Work, With SAP Jam
SAP Jam content in SAP Social Software space
How Does SAP Jam Relate to SAP StreamWork? (YouTube)
SAP Jam developer community
Welcome to your new SAP Jam developer editionGeneral, opinion, and thought-leadership
A Review of SAP Jam – dan pontefract (Dan Pontefract)
Transform - How Leading Companies are Winning with Social Technology (Prashanth Padmanabhan blog)
“Going Social:” Not so Much? (Bersin)
SAP Jam Can Enable Management Innovation In an Organization (Prashanth Padmanabhan blog)
Four Ways To Make Enterprise Social Work
How Social Networks Help Us Target Audiences For Training (Prashanth Padmanabhan blog)
SAP Jam Has 9.8 Million Subscribers (Prashanth Padmanabhan blog)
When Social Media at Work Don't Create Productivity-Killing Distractions (Business Week)
The Customer Go-to-Market Imperative - Transforming Silos to Social Business and Community Building
SAP Jam: The ROI Impacting Sales Productivity
SAPinsider: SAP Jam Hits the Sweet Spot Between Business Processes and Social Collaboration
The perfect match – Social Collaboration & CRM
SAP Social Collaboration Strategy Grinds Forward with SAP JAM
Is SAP Jam Where Enterprise Social Is Headed? (Enterprise Apps Today)
SAP Jam Adoption Models (Prashanth Padmanabhan blog)
5 keys to unlock success in enterprise social collaboration (Diginomica)
How to Design Your Enterprise Social Network for Maximum Impact (Part 1)
Video: The new SAP Jam developer program
The Path to SAP Jam ROI Success
Community Health Index for Collaboration Software (Prashanth Padmanabhan blog)
Reshape Processes Today to Design for Tomorrow: 3 Examples of How the SAP Jam Developer Program Ena... (SAPInsider)
Seven Questions with Sameer Patel
SAP Jam Named a Leader in the IDC MarketScape for Enterprise Social Networks
SAP Fuels New Era of Social Collaboration to Transform Work (SAP News)
Content Governance Model For Product Managers Using SAP Jam (Prashanth Padmanabhan blog)
SAP named a leader in IDC MarketScape report on social technology in integrated talent management
Gamification: What can it bring to HR?
Demo SAP Jam better using the official demo actor pack
The Five Pitfalls to Enterprise Social Networking Success
My experience using Zapier and SAP Jam Collaboration
SAP JAM Collaboration – Set up in Productive Environment
Transforming Hiring & HR through Tech (Website Magazine)
Knowing The True Value of Collaboration on Business
SAP Jam Drives Global Collaboration, Saving Enterprises Millions of U.S. Dollars (SAP News)

Quarterly Releases
1302: What’s new in SAP Jam: more ways to infuse social in your work
1308: The Innovation Continues:  Announcing the SAP Jam August (1308) Release
1311: What's new in SAP Jam: Work patterns, SharePoint integrations, customer requests, and usability
1402: What's new in SAP Jam: New work patterns, expert finding, and events
1405: SAP Jam: New capabilities for partners and developers, What's new in SAP Jam: Customizable work patterns and SAP ECC integration and The new SAP Jam overview page designer
1408: What’s new in SAP Jam: New work patterns, integrations, and engagement enhancements
1411: What's new in SAP Jam - New UI, CMIS integrations, Microsoft Lync presence and a lot more
1502: Introducing SAP Jam release 1502: a new high tech work pattern, usability, content management and mo...
1505: SAP Jam release 1505 overview and The SAP Jam mobile application for the Android OS has arrived!
1508: SAP Jam release 1508 information
1511: SAP Jam release 1511 information: custom company home page, Google drive for Work, mobile device man... and SAP Jam release 1511: what's new for developers?
1602: SAP Jam Collaboration, release 1602: delegating administration into administrative areas, area home ... and SAP Jam Collaboration, release 1602: developer update
1605: SAP Jam Collaboration: Release 1605: Innovating curriculum-based learning and many new multimedia co... and SAP Jam Collaboration, release 1605: developer updates
1608: SAP Jam Collaboration, release 1608 highlights: Dynamic member lists, role-based alias user accounts... and SAP Jam Collaboration, release 1608: developer update
1611: SAP Jam Collaboration, release 1611 highlights and SAP Jam Collaboration, release 1611: developer update
1702: SAP Jam Collaboration, release 1702: developer update
1705: SAP Jam Collaboration, release 1705: developer update
1708: SAP Jam Collaboration, release 1708: developer update
1711: SAP Jam Collaboration, release 1711 summary – seamless intranet branding, user experience and conten...
1802: SAP Jam Collaboration Q1 2018 release summary: Creating great experiences for employees via collabor...
1805: SAP Jam Release 1805 Summary: user experience, accessibility, knowledge base articles, managing cont... and SAP Jam Collaboration release 1805 enhancements for accessibility and screen reader support
1808: SAP Jam Collaboration release 1808: knowledge base categories, document collaboration, user experien...
1811: SAP Jam Collaboration release 1811 highlights – group experience, knowledge management and messaging...
1902: SAP Jam Collaboration, release 1902: Knowledge manage management, employee experience, office docume...

Features and Functionality
SAP Jam product homepage (SAP Help Portal)
SAP Jam Collaboration product homepage (SAP Help Portal)
SAP Jam Communities product homepage (SAP Help Portal)
3 ways to create groups in SAP Jam more easily
How SAP Jam enables self-service communities
Introducing Work Patterns by SAP Jam
Private Folders Feature In SAP Jam Reduces Clutter and Increases Adoption (Prashanth Padmanabhan blog)
Social And Collaborative Learning powered by SAP Learning Solution and SAP Jam
Editing In SharePoint Vs Editing In SAP Jam (Prashanth Padmanabhan blog)
New in SAP Jam: Events and calendars
New in SAP Jam: Easier group management
From "Good" to "Incredible": the SAP Jam Evolution UX
Getting started with an OpenSocial application in Jam
Getting started with work patterns in SAP Jam
Extending SAP Jam work patterns
Introducing the future of engaging online customer experiences with SAP Jam Communities
SAP Jam Basics 101:  Private folders
From only collaboration to communication & collaboration with SAP JAM
SAP Jam and SAP Document Center
Managing user roles when integrating SAP Document Center into SAP Jam Collaboration
SAP Jam now comes with the SAP Cloud Platform Identity Provisioning service
Bots have arrived at SAP Jam
Building bots for SAP Jam, just got easier!
SAP Jam accessibility summary: Company-wide collaboration requires equal access to information for a...
Get the most out of your SAP Jam Collaboration mobile app by personalizing it
SAP Jam Collaboration: Using Goolge Analytics as 3rd Party Analytic Tool
Step by Step to Experience SAP Jam Collaboration – Create content, Search and Rate

Use Cases
SAP Jam Helps Your Create A Learning Marketplace (Prashanth Padmanabhan blog)
Beyond Collaboration - Empowerment (Prashanth Padmanabhan blog)
SAP Jam For SAP ERP HCM Customers (Prashanth Padmanabhan blog)
Tasks In The Context Of Updates (Prashanth Padmanabhan blog)
SAPinsider: How SAP Jam connects colleagues, customers, and partners to drive results
Video: SAP Cloud for Customer - Collaboration with SAP Jam
Work patterns: How SAP Jam helps sales teams connect the dots
Split Second Selling with SAP Jam - 7 Use Cases!
Your performance goals need a goal post (Diginomica)
Video: Social learning with SAP Jam and SuccessFactors Learning Management System
Your Classroom Training Programs Can Have Movie Style Trailers (Prashanth Padmanabhan blog)
Use SAP Jam to Streamline Talent Management Through Social Collaboration (HR 2013) [registration required] (SAPexperts)
SAP Jam Social Onboarding and Learning (YouTube)
How SAP Uses The Integration Between SuccessFactors Learning and SAP Jam (Prashanth Padmanabhan blog)
Get more out of your SAP JAM implementation with these tips (SearchSAP)
SAP Education Takes Learning to the Cloud (SuccessFactors)
SAP Jam Acts Like A Catchment Area For Knowledge (Prashanth Padmanabhan blog)
The Document Is In My Jam Page (Prashanth Padmanabhan blog)
How SAP Jam helps your team resolve customer issues faster
Jam Page For SAP SuccessFactors Integration (Prashanth Padmanabhan blog)
A Killer Group to Jump Start your Enterprise Social Network
How SAP Jam Analytics Helps Make Operational Decisions (Prashanth Padmanabhan blog)
How SAP use SuccessFactors Learning and SAP Jam for its new SAP Learning Hub
Social And Collaborative Learning With SAP Jam And SAP Learning Solution: Scenario 1 (YouTube)
Social And Collaborative Learning With SAP Jam And SAP Learning Solution: Scenario 2 (YouTube)
Social And Collaborative Learning With SAP Jam And SAP Learning Solution: Scenario 3 (YouTube)
The Village Of Schaumburg, “Cloud Technology Brings Efficiency” (SAP Blog)
SAP Master Data Governance – Collaboration with SAP Jam
SAP Jam for Collaborative Learning: 5 Use Cases That Drive Real Results
14 Ways to JumpStart #SAPJam Collaboration, Communities or Groups
SAP Jam Basics 101: Manage Filters for Opportunities and Service Widgets when integrating with SAP H...
Building a Global, Integrated SuccessFactors HR Services Model with SAP Jam
A flexible header including top level navigation for your SAP Jam intranet
How a modern intranet can provide trusted content and answers to your employees
Extending your SAP Jam intranet with custom apps built with the SAP Cloud Platform Web IDE
Enable Collaboration and Document Management in SAP Cloud Platform Workflow using SAP Jam
Why You Should Use SAP Jam as your SAP SuccessFactors Project Management Platform (iXerv)
Pre-Requisite for SAP Cloud Platform Workflow with SAP Jam Sample Application
Sample Application for Collaboration in SAP Cloud Platform Workflow with SAP Jam
SAP Jam for social onboarding: How to Improve First Impressions for New Hires?
How SAP Jam and Google Analytics Extend Decision Support

Case Studies
How SAP is using SAP Jam for mobile collaboration
Sapience* - Integrated Collaboration - SAP runs SAP Jam
Video: How Sun Communities uses SuccessFactors and SAP Jam to streamline processes
Video: How Brookshire Grocery Company uses SuccessFactors and SAP Jam for learning management
Video: Kaeser streamlines sales and customer service with social collaboration and SAP Jam
SAPinsider: How TELUS Communications Benefits from SAP Jam
How one SAP sales team uses Jam to speed the sales cycle
Overcoming barriers to social learning and collaboration in health care
Village of Schaumburg Helps Serve its Citizens with SAP Jam (YouTube)
Telus uses SAP Jam as ‘glue’ in corporate culture transformation (
Cloud Business Case #3: Collaboration in focus
How the San Jose Sharks organization is using SAP Jam to improve collaboration
SuccessStory: GENBAND unites global workforce with SAP Jam (YouTube)
Developing Java-Based Apps on SAP HANA Cloud Platform openSAP course – A Review
Bring Marketing Collaboration to Your Fingertips
Purpose-Driven Design for the SAP Jam Digital Learning User Experience

In social recognition systems, watch the gamification elements (
Think like a Gamer to Goose User Adoption

SAP Jam developer community and OData API add flexibility for partners and developers
What's your work pattern? Now customize SAP Jam to transform how you work.
Getting started with the SAP Jam OData API
Getting started with SAP Jam and SAP Cloud for Customer integration
SAP Jam ABAP Integration - Configuration Guide for SP Level 5
SAP Jam ABAP Integration - Configuration Guide for SP Level 6
SAP Jam Gateway Notification – Configuration Guide for SP Level 6
SAIL: Why we added a new application integration layer to SAP Jam
Introducing the new SAP Jam CMIS integration for Microsoft SharePoint
How To Add SAP Jam as IFTTT Channel
SAP Jam Extension using HANA Cloud Platform (HCP)
Working Together: Collaboration in SAP Integrated Business Planning for sales and operations (Olivehorse Blog)
Integration configuration between SAP Jam Collaboration and HCP Identity Authentication service
#S4HANA Cloud use case series: 8 – SAP JAM integration with the SAP S/4HANA Professional Services Cl...
Collaboration in SAP Cloud Platform Portal sites with SAP Jam [Part 1]
Collaborate using SAP Jam APIs in SAP Cloud Platform
SAP Jam Collaboration integration and extension overview
Create IAS Users (for SAP Jam) using Postman
Consuming SAP Jam APIs through the SAP API Business Hub
Provision only specific users from Identity Authentication to SAP Jam via IPS transformation
How To Integrate SAP Marketing With SAP JAM (Part-1)
How To Integrate SAP Marketing With SAP JAM (Part-2)

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