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I and Soumya N have attended the OpenSAP course on "Extending SAP Jam Application using HCP" and tried to implement the same in our demo account of SAP Jam.

While trying this scenario we encountered some issues and for one of them we have started the discussion on SCN which was successfully closed, find the discussion as "OAuth Token Generation exception"-

Hence, we have written this blog so that it will be easy for you guys to try it on your system, if you are willing to learn HANA Extensions.

To start with HANA Cloud Extensions, the Pre-requisites are:

  • JAVA IDE ECLIPSE Installed With HANA Cloud Platform TOOL and SAP UI5 toolkit.
  • HANA Cloud Platform Trial Account.
  • Developer SAP Jam Account.
  • SF Provisioning.

Now to start with the SAP Jam Extension please follow the below steps:

1. The HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) account has to be registered in our SF BizX instance.

     GoTo Provisioning Account -> Select your company -> Extension Management -> Add your HCP account and enable         Extension Management checkbox -> save.

2. Import the project from Git repository into Eclipse.

     We have used "ODataSamples" project from the Github -

     Copy the link to the clipboard.

     Go to eclipse -> Git -> clone the Git repository.

     Clone the project into the Eclipse.

3. Deploy the project in the registered HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) account server by the following steps:

  • Configure the HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) server details into the eclipse by specifying the server name, account name, Application Name and the password of your account.

  • Once the Server is configured we can attach our project to the server.

     Right click on server -> click on ”Add and Remove”.

     Click on finish.

  • Then we can publish the project.

     Right click on server -> click on publish.

  • After the successful deployment of project we can see the application URL in the HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) Account.

     GoTo HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) account -> JAVA application -> Select your deployed application.

4. In the HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) Account, configure the following trust settings.

     a) In trust -> Local Identity Provider

      Copy the Local provider name and signing certificate.

b) In SAP Jam

     Open OAuth Client -> Create OAuth Client

     Give the IDP as local provider name and the signing certificate copied from HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) ->Trust.

     Copy the Client Key from the OAuth Client that is created.


c) In SAP Jam

Open SAML Trusted IDP -> Create the SAML IDP.

Register your SAML IDP by specifying the HANA cloud Platform (HCP) link.

Paste the Certificate that you have copied from HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) Trust.

5. Maintain Destination in HANA Cloud Platform (HCP).

     HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) account -> Destination -> Create new  destination.

     Create the destination in HANA Cloud platform (HCP) as follows to connect your SAP Jam developer account.

     In the Client key, paste the key that you have copied from OAuth client of your SAP Jam instance.

     Once all these configurations are done you are ready to test your SAP Jam Extension using HANA Cloud Platform(HCP).

For Testing,

In HANA Cloud Platform (HCP)  account -> JAVA application -> select your application -> click on the application URL link.

you will be navigated to the main screen of your application.

Note: This standard project "ODATASAMPLE or OPENSAP2015" have multiple of html pages for different functionalities, you can test each of the functionality by giving the complete link.

For Example: If you want to call createGroup functionality then you need to call the URL with postfix "Groups/Groups/Create/createGroup.html".

So your complete URL will look like,

After executing this link the create group page will be displayed and you can specify a Group Name and click on Run.

The Output will be in the JSON format, to notify that the group is created with the detailed information about the group.

   We can cross check the group that is created in our SAP Jam account.

This is our learning from OpenSAP course that helped us to explore the end to end SAP Jam Extension using HANA Cloud Platform (HCP).

Hope you guys will try from your end. Enjoy the power of HANA Cloud platform (HCP) to shape your ideas for SAP Jam.

Thanks & Regards,

Farhasadab Kazi & Soumya N.

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