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What is the future of SAP?

It’s the question on the minds of people seeking a career in SAP, as well as those already in the game. They’re all wondering what SAP is doing to adapt to the rapidly changing business challenges of Big Data, user interface, next-gen IT solutions for business and more.

SAP applications and services enable more than 232,000 customers to operate profitably, adapt continuously and grow sustainably. The company’s legacy solutions are still helping businesses run faster and better, but we live in a world of change.

So SAP needs to step up.

Companies all around the world are using innovative technology to fundamentally transform how their businesses run -- not just to run better, but to run in entirely new ways. To accelerate. Run faster. Run leaner. Outrun the competition.

Examples of SAP’s innovative thinking include:

  • SAP’s mMR Predictive Analysis App, which tracks a critical patient’s vital signs and predicts life-threatening emergencies.
  • SAP Fiori, a collection of apps that improve productivity by letting employees complete tasks via their mobile devices.
  • SAP and smart eyewear company Vuzix are working to power augmented reality, which can make organizations more efficient by providing real-time data access to their workers.

So, if you think that the future of SAP will continue delivering solutions the same old way, think again. The company still has more to go with Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing, SAP HANA, SAP for Mobile and so many other innovations!

The animated slideshow “SAP - A Better Run World” offers a glimpse of what more SAP has in store, demonstrating that SAP will not only cater to our generation, but to many more generations as well.

While SAP is definitely not “out with the old,” it certainly is “in with the new.”

This is what I have seen during my short time at SAP. I invite you to share your thoughts below!

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