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Dear SAP-community,

The start of a new year is the best time to fuel your brain with SAP integration knowledge!

Picture Credit: DALL·E 2


To get an extensive overview of various SAP integration technologies, I highly recommend reading "SAP Interface Management Guide" by adam.kiwon3 (me), marklehmann, Manuel Männle, martintieves which is available in German and English.

You will learn about

  • Interfaces in the SAP context
    What technologies are available in SAP business systems, where to find the APIs, etc.

  • Integration Architectures (e.g. SOA, Microservices)
    Learn which architectures provide advantages over Point-To-Point-Integration

  • Integration Styles (e.g. Process-/Data-/User-/Thing Integration)
    Understand the nature and the different needs of an interface

  • Integration Technologies (e.g. SOAP/REST/ODATA Services)
    Navigate in the sea of state-of-the-art transport protocols

  • Methods and Frameworks (e.g- ISA-M, Maturity Models, ICC)
    Learn when to choose which technology and how to organize integration in organizations

  • SAP´s IPaaS/HiP/Integration Layer/Middleware components (e.g. SAP Integration Suite with Cloud Integration, API Management, Event Mesh as well as SAP PI/PO, AIF, SDI, Data Intelligence)
    Understand the different SAP solutions and what they offer

  • Interface Management Tasks and Best Practices (e.g. Governance, Operations, Organization)
    Run your interfaces better by organizing and controlling them and managing teams

Happy 2023 and happy reading!

SAP-Schnittstellenmanagement: Der praktische Leitfaden für die hybride Integration

SAP Interface Management Guide: Manage your interfaces in complex SAP system landscapes

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