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Sap Interactive Forms by Adobe Today and Tomorrow @sap TechEd online by peter barker, nikhil dhairyawan, jurger hauser(Adobe) - Oct 2013,

I attended the SAP TechEd  through SAP TechED online 2013. In this blog, I will share some of the notes I made during the session which I hope will be a quick read providing the audience with insights into what SAP Interactive forms by Adobe is all about.

Key Message: SAP has made the first clear step towards consolidating on the mobile technology, Sap script and smart forms support by sap until 2020.

Key Agenda are overview of SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe, important guarantees, mobile forms, ADS in the cloud , SAP HANA cloud platform,

evolution P7, P8, P9.

He explained about offline and online scenario Advantages of adobe forms like it supports bar-codes, populated with signatures.

(digital sign will lock the form, if we edit that form digital sign will be lost. and moreover adobe forms can be triggered in workflow,User validation also possible in forms.


1) Perfect interface between causal worker and sap.

2) Adobe reader is ubiquitous and free of charge.

3) Lower Total cost of ownership(TCO), printing archiving.

4) Less manual data entry fewer errors

5) High volume printing - Parallel processing

6) ZPL for label printing

Future of Adobe Forms - Mobile Forms (2014)

key feature :

1) Same template for PDF and HTML

2) Open XFA will be rended in HTML5

3) scribble signature

4) ADS Cloud

5) Floor Plan Manager

6) UI5

The ADS in the cloud will use SAP HANA cloud  platform. Moving ADS in cloud netweaver, ABAP Stack will call Https web service to connect SAP HANA cloud platform. By using this technology we have more benefits like save time and money, non-disruptive, simple, flexible and attractive licencing model.

Evolution of Adobe Forms : P7, P8, P9

Features in P7:

1) life cycle designer 10

2) It supports MICR fonts and OCR fonts

3) Native itanium support

4) rupee symbol support(Indian currency symbol)

Features in P8:

1) certificates,security

2) life cycle designer 10.6

3) ADS availability on windows server 2012

4) https URL graphics

Features in P9:

1) Hindi support in ads

2) Maintenance easy

3) Turkish currency support

4) Japanese postal bar-code support

5) Mobile + ADS in cloud


1) P9 only have to complete, Planning to launch in 2014.

2) Hybrid solutions for on-demand  and on-premise planned for 2014.

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