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Today I attended the Solution Manager jump start session with SAP's john.krakowski

It was packed full of information.  I will share what I can.

John said for Solution Manager it is "the Why and not just the What"

He said Solution Manager "helps support the lines of business, bring things together so company can stay at “competitive” edge"

He mentioned his theme for today "Two value releases per year"

He said if you are doing a Solution Manager 7.1 release tomorrow to go to SP11

He said the release strategy is listed in note 394616

For every support package for SolMan there is a Release Information Note (RIN); he said this is the most critical note BEFORE applying SP to system

  • Main note that 1595736 – a list of RINs for a specific support package – read it
  • Limits, restrictions, gotchas, prerequisites

He explained that a customer experienced pain re: diagnostic agents; SAP messages opened but the issue is described in RIN

He suggested being proactive and that RINs are critical

Another challenge is the diagnostic agent

SAP notes 1365123  - 1858920 – 1473974 – outlines automatic updater for automatic systems let Solution Manager update systems

Service & Support Tools – ABAP Managed systems

  • Update them when have a maintenance window
  • -Use Service & Support tools to gather and send to SolMan

LMDB – with 7.1 you are up close and personal with LMDB and need more data than SLD provides

  • SolMan is the only end to end support
  • Need a central repository for the systems
  • Key 1734860 is a key note
    • Lists all of LMDB resources

If you haven’t yet upgraded or installed 7.1 – ensure set up SAP Monitoring – greatly enhanced in 7.1 – improved in 7.10 to keep finger on pulse of SolMan – SAP administrative work center

He said to let it be early warning system

One common major challenge that all customers have – performance in SolMan system – sizing wise, technically Solman has enough hardware but it is not tuned.  How to troubleshoot?  See SAP Note 1835721 for performance troubleshooting tips and tricks

More to come!

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