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SAP Inside Track São Paulo 2014 will be held on 6.12.2014, Saturday. As we are committed to continuing offering the best non official SAP event in Brazil and the best SAP Inside Track experience, this SIT offers several improvements and new highlights.

  • It will occur on a Saturday, allowing more people to participate without having to miss a full day at work
  • As with the last community driven events, the sessions will be recorded and published on Youtube
  • For the first time, the will be an official SAP Inside Track São Paulo app.
  • The event will be streamed live.

While Bruno recorded the sessions for the last community events (SITs, SAP Forum dev track) and while SAP Connect was our tool of choice for remote participation for SITs, the overall quality of SAP Connect and access process is way too complicated. Early October I had the idea of an app for the event and while working on the app, I also wanted to include the possibility to assist the videos directly from within the app. If everything works out fine, the video will be streamed live in HTTP Live Streaming format and can be viewed from the app but also in the browser or via a streaming client like VLC. Before the event, the details on how to assist the live stream will be shared on Twitter or here on SCN. HLS videos are accessed using HTTP, allowing – in theory – to assist the video even in environment protected by proxies. This should make it easier for everyone to assist future sessions remotely even when SAP Connect or Youtube are blocked.

The app

Connecting to the community is one of the main objectives of every SIT. With the app we hope to bring you closer to SIT São Paulo 2014. You can access event information, agenda, the live stream and interact on Twitter (#sitsp). The content of the agenda can be updated, keeping you up to date with the latest session changes.

Of course the app is realized as a hybrid app with OpenUI5, therefore the app works on every screen size, from smartphone to tablet and browser.

Here are some screenshots of the app on Android



  • Android: planned availability is at least 1 week before the event. Expect the app to be available during next week (24.11)
  • iOS: The app needs to go through Apples review process that is already started. When Apple is OK with the app, I will release it immediately. I hope to have the app available before the event starts.
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