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 Welcome to the first SAP Inside Track Ribeirão Preto

This year will take place the first edition of SAP Inside Track in Ribeirão Preto - Brazil, join us in a day full of opportunities for learning and networking with the SAP community!

We want to create an opportunity for the SAP community to exchange knowledge about the newest technologies and trends that are taking place in the digital world.

Ribeirão Preto, a city that is also known as "The Brazilian California" (probably due to its approximate 300 sunny days a year) has in its region a network of SAP clients, partners, consultants, and developers interested in updating and sharing their experiences using and implementing these new trends and technologies.

Additionally, Ribeirão Preto is home to several universities, which gives the city and region the potential to increase the supply of education and technology-enabled professionals.

It's also important to mention that the city has a growing entrepreneurial scenario, with the presence of startup accelerators and incubators.

 Some interesting facts about SAP Inside Track Ribeirão Preto


Updated on March 13th


  • We have 112 registered participants and 17 session proposal, so we have 129 registered people so far.


  • Participants come from 28 different cities (incredible!)


  • The topics covered in the lectures proposed so far are: Desing Thinking, Scrum, Agile, Build, SAP TDF, HANA DB, ABAP, UX, SAP Build, HANA Express, OpenUI5, Node.js, Express, Google Cloud Platform, e-Procurement, Sourcing, Supply Chain, UX, IOT, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Big Data, devops, Cloud Foundry, Blockchain, Emerging Technologies, Innovation, SAP Business One on HANA, HCM eSocial, S/4HANA , HEC, On-premise, SAP Activate, ERP migration, Agile Management.


  • 77 people say they have a probability of 100% of showing up in the event, while 37 people say they just have a 75% chance of being present.


  • 32 people say they will be present at the Friday night evening event, 53 people don't know yet and 40 already have something else to do.


  • 57 people say they will be present at the Friday night evening event, 48 people don't know yet and 20 already have something else to do.


  • 91 registered participants, 81% overall, say that this will be their first SAP Inside Track


  • If you do not already have it, create your Twitter account right now and add @_sitRP! You will be able to follow all the event activity. Do not forget to also install the Twitter application on your smartphone.


  • It will surely be a knowledge-intensive but also funny day!


 First Personas Day – Mobile Edition – Hands-on!

We are also announcing the first Personas Day in Brazil, which will take place on Friday, March 23rd. Personas Day will be a full day dedicated to getting to know the latest version of SAP Screen Personas through hands-on exercises to build a real business scenario.

We will begin with a brief introduction to the topic of UX (User eXperience) and then we will understand in practice the role of Screen Personas as an SAP powerful tool to adapt, simplify and even merge any ECC or S / 4HANA transactions, whether they are standard transactions or not.

We are going to build a scenario together using SAP Screen Personas and see why this is the easiest and fastest way to do it. You will understand why Screen Personas is the best tool for changing, simplifying and customizing screens in many scenarios, even when compared to ABAP or SAPUI5 (Fiori) development.

The greatest highlight of the recently announced version of SAP Screen Personas is that it now also makes it possible to run transactions on mobile devices (tablets, cell phones, etc) and this is one of the features we will explore in the hands-on exercises this day.


Get ready, bring your notebook, tablet or smartphone and come on and learn by doing, together with the SAP Community!

Click here to get more information about the Personas Day Brazil 2018 - First Edition


  What is SAP Inside Track?

All SAP Inside Track events are organized by the community and are open to anyone who wants to participate whether you are a customer, a consultant, freelancer or a student.

Whether you are a developer, a functional consultant or a specialist in any business area, the event is fully community-driven and YOU can influence its content and agenda.

Follow up this page for event updates and also our Twitter: @_sitRP and #sitRP. Share the event with your network and friends, join us and bring your contribution!



The SAP Inside Track event will take place on Saturday, March 24th.

The Personas Day - Mobile Edition (see details above) will take place on Friday, March 23rd.

We will have a get-together on the Friday night before the event and another on Saturday night.


Ribeirão Preto - Brazil

Local: Shopping Iguatemi Ribeirão Preto

Address: Avenida Luiz Eduardo Toledo Prado, 900 – Vila do Golf – Ribeirão Preto/SP




The event will be open to all members of the SAP community and also for those who want to get to know the community.

It does not matter if you are a consultant, customer, student or SAP employee. It also does not matter if you are beginner or experienced, the event is for everyone!

The important thing is that you want to share your knowledge or keep up to date on the latest trends and technology news in the SAP world.

  • Share your experience around the subject that most excites you, come and present a session!

  • Even if you are not presenting a session, bring all your curiosity and willingness to learn from colleagues who will share their knowledge and experiences.


Session Suggestions (Call for Speakers is open!)

Submit your proposal now and become one of the stars of #sitRP!

Share your experience and bring to the other participants the opportunity to be challenged to increase their knowledge.

You will surely find an audience eager to learn through your knowledge and experience, and we are working hard to provide a conducive networking environment.

If this is your first participation in an SAP Inside Track event and you are not sure if your idea of a lecture is appropriate, please contact us and we will review it together and support you.

Come and be a speaker, this is YOUR opportunity to contribute to the SAP community!

You can share your experience and make it an opportunity to create a discussion around a relevant theme for the community so that everyone can gain new insights and perspectives.

We expect each session to last 30 minutes or 45 minutes, including approximately 5 to 10 minutes for questions and answers with the audience: let's remember that the "IN" of "INside Track" represents an invitation to INteraction between speakers and the audience.

All proposals will be accepted and evaluated until March 12th and we expect to publish the final agenda, with all the selected presentations, by March 19th.

If your lecture proposal is approved, your entry to the event is guaranteed!

See below some proposed topics, but it is not obligatory that the theme of your speech is amongst them. So be creative and, if your topic is relevant, don't be afraid to submit your proposal!


 SAPUI5  OpenUI5  Fiori  SCP – SAP Cloud Platform
 S/4 HANA  HANA  Design Thinking  Machine Learning & AI
 IoT  Remote Working  From ABAP to UI5  SAP Screen Personas
 ABAP  API integration  Business Models  SAP Startup Focus
 UX Design  Cloud Foundry  SAP SDK for iOS  Blockchain
 SAP Build  OpenSAP  SPED, TDF, etc  Others



See here the received session suggestions and submit yours:


SAP Inside Track Ribeirão Preto 2018 - Session Sugestions

Title  Session Description  Speaker  Bio 
 From ABAP to SAPUI5 In this session I will share my experience as an ABAP developer facing the challenge of learning SAPUI5, the development technology behind Fiori, using mostly free or low-cost resources such as OpenSAP courses, SAP Press books, etc. Douglas Cezar

Independent Consultant


Open-source technologies, going beyond ABAP Software development with HANA Express Edition, Node.js and OpenUI5 Leonardo Cruz

ABAP Developer

Usina Batatais S.A.

How to do Product Development Developing products is something that goes further beyond functional specifications and coding. Thiago Pereira

ABAP Senior Developer


Agile Development in the SAP world

Developing software is difficult and risky, it can result in high costs, overdue schedules, low quality and even project cancellation for non-viability. More flexible and less bureaucratic, Agile Development is a new approach to software development.

The Manifesto for Agile Software Development of 2001, marked the beginning of agile practices and became the basis for improving existing practices, techniques, and frameworks.

It proposes: individuals and interactions rather than processes and tools; running software rather than comprehensive documentation; customer collaboration rather than contract negotiation and quick responses rather than following a plan.

We will discuss:

1 - Turning the Technical Leader into a Scrum Master

2 - Use agile methods even in waterfall projects (Hybrid models)

3 - Vision of SAP projects nowadays (Culture, Problems, Advancements)

4 - Benefits from micromanagement (VSTS and Scrum ceremonies)

5 - Change of Culture for Agile

Uderson Fermino





Introduction to SAP Screen Personas in mobile devices

A few weeks ago, on late December 2017, SAP announced that SAP Screen Personas now runs on mobile devices, making SAP ERP transactions finally available for smartphones and tablets.

Come and see how to get started and how easy it is to use this fantastic tool to simplify the SAP ECC or S / 4 HANA screens and make users much more productive, whether on smartphones, tablets, notebooks or desktops.

If you want to get your hands on and get some real action, be sure to sign up for the "Personas Day" event, a hands-on full day with SAP Screen Personas 3.0 SP06 (with mobile support) delivered by Douglas Cezar that will take place on Friday, March 23rd.
Cristiano Hansen

Expert Support Engineer


SAP Labs Latin America

Everything you need to know before going to S/4HANA

All you need to know before you plan to go to S / 4HANA.

1)What is SAP S / 4HANA?

2) Differences between Suite on HANA and S / 4 HANA

3) On-Premise or Cloud Edition?

4) Implementation Strategies.

5) Architecture.
Luciano Salvarani



Customer story

SAP TDF Implementation 
Find out how Natura has improved fiscal closure with SAP TDF Andreza Barcelos

Project Manager


Working in Europe as an SAP consultant Discover what the life of an SAP consultant in Europe feels like, what are the best countries to work, the cost of living, salary, contract types, difference between Employee and Freelance, bank accounts in Europe, SAP consultancies Marcio Soler

SAP Consultant


Blockchain - Beyond Bitcoin: Evolution or Revolution? How the technology behind Bitcoin can change the way we make transactions and affect relationships between people Robson Rocha

Senior Solutions Executive


SAP Build I'll talk about UX, SAP Build, how to access it, how to create projects and how to export them to the SAP Web IDE. Fernanda  Maia

Fiori, SAPUI5 and OpenUI5 Consultant


SAP Ariba See how SAP Ariba can help your company to improve your purchasing process Leandro Mauricio


The digital revolution of SAP solutions with the use of SAP Cloud Platform In this session, we will talk about SAP's transformation and it's digital journey sharing details about the main capabilities of SAP Leonardo's technological platform Renato Gandara

 SAP Cloud Platform CoE LAC


Management, Risks and Compliance while accessing SAP software I will share my experience as a member of the security team during all phases of the security and compliance project, which automated the all the equest, release and access review. Workflow and Fiori mobile approvals providing agility and security had been also implemented by this project. Pollyana Crivello

Information Security


How Tracan optimizes it's processes using ECC on HANA We will present the improvements achieved after migrating our ERP solution from a traditional database platform to the HANA In-Memory database Anderson Rocha

IT Manager


Prepare your small or midsize business for digital transformation using SAP Business One We will show how to use SAP Business One on HANA so that small and midsize businesses, especially growing companies, can achieve improvements through Digital Transformation Marcelo Santos

Busines One Consultant

Seidor Brasil

Experiences in companies during the first months of eSocial submission ESocial Definitions and Requirements - SAP Deliverables and Government Requirements - eSocial Events - BADI's - How to search for Notes - My experience in Projects Paula Santiago

HCM Consultant


Kanban method and agile metrics in high performance teams

"Stop Starting and Start Finishing" -

In a sustainable way and embracing innovation, the Kanban method tries to balance the demands with the development teams' capacity.

So, this agile method proposes limiting the work in progress and use more techniques with the objective of generating constant valuable deliverables to the customers, in a sustainable way.

Come and see how agile metrics such as lead time and throughput help us build reliable estimates.
Vinícius Couto Freitas

Agile Coach

Luiza Labs

S4 / HANA: Best Practices and Activate: Practical experience in its use. Impacts and Benefits. Based on concepts and practical experience, we will discuss how business processes change, impacts on the customer side, the Consultant's changing Skill Set. We will talk about the new Tool Set available, the migration to an end-to-end process view and no more the configuration of tables, the benefits in terms of a more accelerated and more assertive project, the importance of prototyping and use of standard processes with users' acceptance (positive impacts of Change Management) and customer benefits. Paulo Sérgio Rodrigues

Ábaco Consultores

Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence and the Fourth Revolution Cezar Azevedo



S/4HANA Cloud - The New Generation of Smart ERPs Meet the S / 4HANA Cloud, the first-generation of the new generation of smart ERPs that has arrived in Brazil. Purpose, architecture and roadmap. Lino Maggi

Chief Enterprise Architect



*** OFFICIAL AGENDA with the approved sessions will be announced on March 19th ***



Session proposals can be submitted through the following link:


>>> SUBMIT Session Suggestion for SAP Inside Track Ribeirão Preto <<<


(The event is scheduled to start by 9am, but the lectures will take place from 10am)


The deadline to submit your session proposal is March 9th, but do it as soon as possible. The earlier you show your interest the better we can help you planning your lecture if you wish.


If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact


Participant Registration

Come and join the community for a full day of learning and networking with other SAP professionals!

We will post information about registration soon. Watch this page and the event Twitter account to be informed when the registrations open.

If you have any questions, please contact


 Sponsored Gifts and Free Trials

SAP Press is one of the event's sponsors with some *** free eBooks *** to give away to lucky attendees:




We will also have an exclusive ** gift ** for SAP Inside Track RP speakers, participants and volunteers: a 30-day free trial, beginning on the event day, to the "SAP eBooks Library" from Espresso Tutorials !


Here is the description of the content to which you(*) can have free access for 30 days:


Do you need SAP training materials at your fingertips, but are limited by time and tight training budgets?

The SAP eBook Library is a flexible and practical solution. Get access to up-to-date SAP information on SAP S/4HANA, Financials, Controlling, Business Intelligence, Logistics, Human Resources, IT management, and programming information anytime, anywhere. Save time and drive down your company‘s training costs.

The SAP eBook Library is updated as new books are released and provides effective learning and concrete examples. It is used by those new to SAP, managers, super users, and SAP consultants alike.

Access via PC, iOS, and Android.


(*) IMPORTANT: 30-day access to the gift offered by Espresso Tutorials will be granted only to those who sign up as speakers, participants or volunteers and who attend and participate throughout the day of the event.



And some books from Espresso Tutorials for three lucky contest winners:





 Use the hashtag #sitRP and follow @_sitRP


Other SAP Inside Track events

To get an idea of what you can expect, here are some other SAP Inside Track events that have already happened in other cities in Brazil and the World:


SAP Inside Track Walldorf 2018

SAP Inside Track Campinas 2018

SAP Inside Track Sao Paulo Funcional 2017

SAP Inside Track Barcelona 2017

SAP Inside Track Frankfurt 2017

SAP Inside Track Sao Paulo Developers 2017

SAP Inside Track Paris 2017

SAP Inside Track Buenos Aires 2017

SAP Inside Track Joinville 2016

SAP Inside Track Recife 2016


More SAP Inside Track events:

SAP Inside Track – Wiki


    Evening Event

In many events SAP Inside Track there is already a tradition to hold evening meetings for networking amongst all the participants. This is a tradition we do not want to break!

If you have been in Ribeirão Preto you know that it is one of the best cities to have some nice craft beer in Brazil, because there are a lot of breweries that are worth a visit.

Please remember that in the evening events each one will be responsible for its own bill/costs.


To celebrate in the typical Ribeirao Preto tradition, we are proposing to meet in a local famous beer house, Pinguim! We plan to meet at 6pm at Pinguim Ribeirao Shopping.



We will get people together to enjoy a little more network and conversations on a local pub at the same shopping mall where the event will be held.



Going to Ribeirão Preto

Ribeirão Preto is located in the state of São Paulo and it is possible to get here through the Bandeirantes and Anhanguera highways if you are coming from the São Paulo city. It is approximately 300 km from São Paulo city on a safe highway that has excellent conditions.

There is also the Leite Lopes Airport in Ribeirão Preto city, which has direct flights from São Paulo, Campinas, Rio de Janeiro and other cities. For cities without direct flights, there are connections through São Paulo, Campinas, and Rio de Janeiro airports by the main airlines.

There is the availability of Uber rides and 24h Taxi service in the city.



Ribeirão Preto has many hotels and accommodations, including Airbnb.

One suggestion is the Ibis – Ribeirão Preto hotel, it´s next to a big mall and other points of interest in the city. Another option is the Tryp Ribeirão Preto hotel.



SAP Inside Track Ribeirão Preto is supported by:




If you are an SAP Partner or Customer and is also interested in supporting the event, please contact us through the email


See you soon?

Please let us know in case you do have any questions or suggestions:

Spread the word! @_sitRP #sitRP


We look forward to hear from you!

#sitRP Organizing Team



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