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On 7th June 2013 Inside Track Prague 2013 took place at SAP ČR as a first event of such type in Czech Republic. Our company MERIIS organized the meeting. Day-long informal get together had the form of workshop with presentations about solutions, news and trends in SAP universe and discussions on them with emphasis on experience and findings sharing.

The premiere Inside Track in Prague attracted thirty attendees. Among them were consultants, administrators, project managers, key users or architects from top companies and market leaders. Beside private sector, employees representing state administration were present too. The SAP ČR company kindly hosted the event providing modern spaces in their new headquarters in BBC Beta building located in Brumlovka district of Prague along with delicious refreshments.

The opening speech was given by Daniel Riegel from SAP ČR, initiator of Inside Track Prague Andy Silvey and Jiří Zahradníček from MERIIS. Programme lasting morning and afternoon consisted of four topics and a keynote. The keynote was carried out by Luboš Kalina from Ministry of the interior of the Czech Republic and focused on experience, recommendations and benefits of their use of Change Management in SAP Solution Manager 7.1.

The first presentation topic was Mobility. Josef Rajnoha and Martin Zikmund from SAP ČR presented SAP mobile solutions: the advanced SAP Mobile Platform, its management with SAP Afaria, specifics of implementation with Rapid Deployment Solution and large selection of applications for mobile devices. Thomas Hensel from SAP HQ in Walldorf, Germany remotely showed the possibilities of intuitive and simple creation of business-oriented websites using SAP HANA Cloud Portal.

After the lunch, Jiří Zahradníček from MERIIS took the floor with Test management using Solution Manager. Recorded demonstration of the environment was a great contribution. Dynamic showcase was also included in his colleague’s Jiří Palát presentation on SOLMAN Change Request Management. The subject of the last presentation was SAP HANA – in-memory database providing fast real-time data platform was introduced by Michal Bezák.

The final point of the Inside Track Prague 2013 agenda was gifting SAP Press publications to draw loss winners. All guests present also received a discount voucher on books from the e-shop. The participant expressed their satisfaction with the first Inside Track and appreciated this activity leading to widening of overview on SAP, gaining knowledge, sharing experience and networking. The next Inside Track is already scheduled for the end of this year.

Presentations list:


Change Management - zkušenosti z praxe, zajímavosti a doporučení

Luboš KalinaMinisterstvo vnitra ČR
Pres. #1

Aspekty nasazení mobilních řešení SAP

Josef Rajnoha SAP ČR
Pres. #2SAP HANA Cloud PortalThomas HenselSAP AG
Pres. #3

Buďte efektivní při testování v prostředí SAP
Řízení změn v SAP – od plánování po reporting

Jiří Zahradníček

Jiří Palát

Pres. #4

Enterprise Architecture based on SAP Real-Time

Data Platform

Michal BezákSAP ČR


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