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There have been many SAP Inside Track events all over the world and more events are planned for 2014. Why can't we have it in Kochi, Kerala, India? Yes, we are hosting SAP Inside Track in Kochi.

We invite you to be a part of this event as a participant or speaker. It will be a community event offering SAP technology education and networking.

Today we are announcing our first ever SAP Inside Track Kochi to be held on 27th SEP 2014 Saturday.

SAP Inside Track is the best place for both sharing and gaining knowledge. It is a local event organized by SAP community, it helps you to take your learning to the next level. SAP inside Track is one of the Must Attend Event in your professional career either as participant or as a Speaker.

A day of Learning, Sharing, Networking, Fun & much more!

We know that there is nothing better than working with SAP community in gathering knowledge, that's why you are in SCN now. But it is even better if you are able to meet in person and discuss everything about SAP's technologies, SAP Inside Track is an opportunity for that.

Passion is a compelling enthusiasm. Passionate SAP community members would be participants, speakers, organizers or facilitators in SAP Inside Track.

Event Agenda


TATA Consultancy Services Ltd,

TCS Centre, Infopark,

Kusumagiri Post, Kakkanad,


How to Register: Click Me!

Speaker registrations will be closed on 12th September.

Agenda will be published shortly.

Entry: Free

Contact :, +91 9962990778

Follow us : Twitter Google+ Facebook

TCS is our hosting partner, and arranging facilities for our event.

CLEMATIS is our supporting partner for SIT Kochi 2014.

SAP Inside Track Kochi 2014- Why is it so important?

Upcoming SIT Events in India

Sep 13 SAP Inside Track Hyderabad

Coming soon in Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Mumbai.

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What participants says about the event ?

SIT Chennai 2014 : knair

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