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"Knowledge is of two kinds.We know a subject ourselves,or we know where we can find information on it."
Samuel Johnson

Yes we can find both of this types of knowledge in forms of reputed speakers & passionate attendees at SAP Inside Track Kochi 2014



Finally after a long wait SIT is coming to our Kochi to make its impact as it had a series of success at below locations.

At Chennai 2014      :A Community Driven Show :SIT Chennai 2014 Summary

At Noida 2014 :SAP Inside Track NOIDA (DELHI - GURGAON) : An event for Knowledge Sharing – Event Summary

At Hyderabad 2014 :Thanks for making it BIG ( SAP INSIDE TRACK HYDERABAD 2014)

SIT as we know is a community driven program having sole intention of sharing the knowledge and making our beloved colleagues aware of what is happening in SAP front end. It is a remarkable podium where you can listen to eminent lecture series from worlds reputed speakers; interact with top SCN contributors in various fields, seeking expert advices on project related difficulties  which are bugging you to core…. YES!!! SIT KOCHI gives answers to all your queries….

Some of the key personalities which is making this event remarkable are the presence of mahesh.kumar8, The Man behind the awesome SIT events in India,ganeshmahadevan.v3,midhun.vp …list is a long one …The energy and enthusiasm shared by a community events like SIT is a remarkable one as I will call it as Mini TechEd lecture series.If you are ready to explore the new possibilities and in a mood of effectively utilizing the existing SAP ERP in a better way we will open handily welcome you to SIT Kochi. As it is a community driven event passion for SAP Knowledge is the only investment for this event which means you can come to SIT Kochi without your purse :razz:



Note: Speaker registrations will be closed on 12th September.

We will come up with speakers list and track wise details shortly…

Check out here for latest details.... SAP Inside Track Kochi 2014

Now let’s look some of the key topics which make SIT Kochi a must attend SIT.

  • HANA & BigData
  • Mobility & Cloud
  • Analytics
  • Technical

  • Functional

HANA is of course one of the hot topic in the market which helps SAP to Run Like Never Before. HANA the in-memory database offering from SAP gives the extra advantage to clients who are ready to utilize their ERP to the best. As we are in an era of Service oriented work and Service level agreement where we are obliged to complete our routine data feed within the SLAs HANA is an excellent offering from SAP which gives the extra mileage and will ensure the continuity of business.Sessions on BigData are again one of the notable sessions to be look on.Working on unstructured data,its processing techniques and how to process those queries for improving the business enterprises are discussed here. 

In the era of Smart phones and Androids SAP is also not behind. As objective of the SAP is to help you in day to day business transactions they come up with Fiori, Afaria. Come let’s explore more as it is one of the most demanding sessions of SITs. With the amount of expertise we have at SIT Kochi Mobility sessions are the ones which we should never miss.Working on Cloud platform and how to use it in your business transactions with at most connectivity with maximum portability along with security makes it a serious contender.

I had my first SIT experience at SIT Chennai where I sat with Technical sessions. I was blessed with a series of powerful sessions on ABAP, ABAP in Eclipse, M2M.You can check out my SIT Chennai technical session by session details at SIT Chennai 2014 technical session offers a wide variety of lectures from different domains which makes it more lively and interesting.

Functional Track provides a unique experience as it incorporates sessions from various modules in SAP with world class speakers delivering it with at most dedication. Definitely knowledge in new focus areas will help you in understanding the business process well and can suggest some improvements/workarounds for the existing issues you are facing.

Track on Analytics is the one where we can expect maximum participation as it deals mainly HANA, Big data related sessions and lot more.BO, BI, BW are the targeted audience where these concepts are more applicable.

Kochi :smile:


As SIT is happening on Sept27 which is a Saturday be ready to have a vacation for couple of days and enjoy the beauty of God's own country. Enjoy the serene Backwaters, House boats, Athirapally,Vazhachal waterfalls and a lot more...Folks!! It’s a good package of knowledge,culture& fun meets together at SIT Kochi.

For passionate attendees I have only one request... :smile:

"Asking questions is one of the fundamental keys of learning. It is always better to ask a question than pretend you understand."

Catherine Pulsifer

Take a look at the agendas of each locations.Just to understand the sessions... Too much to digest for me :smile:

At Chennai 2014       : SIT Chennai 2014 - Event Schedule & Sessions Details Track Wise

At Noida 2014           : SIT Noida 2014 - Event Schedule & Sessions Details Track Wise

At Hyderabad 2014   : Agenda SITHYD ( SAP Inside Track Hyderabad 2014)

Few participant blogs.

SIT Chennai 2014 - A day to remember, a place to learn, share and network!

SITCHN2014 - My Journey with SAP Inside Track

SIT hyd 2014 - My Experience and Notes

SAP Inside Track Chennai 2014 - From an SCN Fan perspective

SAP Inside Track NOIDA (DELHI - GURGAON) 2014: Highlights

SIT- 2014, Awesome experience….And KPIT made it…Wow…A complete journey……

SAP Inside Track - Volunteer's first SIT experience

Special thanks to all SCN members, who are providing valuable support in making this event more social and I am sure we will make it big at Kochi.Let the energy and enthusiasm continue and allow it travel across the borders.. :smile:

Looking forward to see you all @ SIT Kochi. :smile:


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