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After awesome SIT HYD 2014 event we conducted feedback from the participants using SURVEYMONKEY by taking 10 Questions.

Below are the responses from the participants.

1.How much have your skills improved because of the SAP Inside Track event?
2.Overall, were you satisfied with the event, neither satisfied nor dissatisfied with it, or dissatisfied with it?
3.Was this event better than what you expected, worse than what you expected, or about what you expected?

4. How much time was spent on important information at this event?

5.How detailed was the information presented at this event?

6.How useful was the information presented at this event?

7.How much of the information presented at this event was new to you?

8.How organized was the information presented at this event?

9.Did the presenter allow too much time for discussion, too little time, or about the right amount of time?

10.What suggestions do you have for improving SIT Events?
  • Kindly conduct these kind of events twice in year
  • Top Speakers should call up on the state to honor them
  • I think this can be a 2 day event as the number of emerging topics is growing every day :smile:
  • I would like to see this happening more than once in a year
  • Need to have more like this events in future
  • Allow some more Registrations, as many of my Friends missed this unique opportunity.
  • The event should not only for experts. it should be for all type of people(audience). there should have some activity to involve in the program. last event seems for only to expose sap's technology, it is useful for sap developers
  • Please give some slot for outsider presentations also
  • Should be organized twice an year
  • SAP SIT is a very valuable initiative addressing insights on the niche technologies; i really wonder how could i miss such great event in the recent past. It gave a pinch of pain when the top speakers were announced and none of them were not called on the dias. Hope such things dont happen in the future, but over all a fructiying event with value added information in SAP.
  • It should be organized more frequently.
  • We should have this event frequently.
  • Want to see more functional topics. The functional track went well with all interesting topics. This should be 2 days to cover in detail level.
  • Top speakers should called upon the stage.
  • All-together event is successful. Though time is limited I prefer for real time examples which give more information and also stands uniquely when compare with other SAP-events organized globally.

Announcement : Join Us For SAP Inside Track Hyderabad On 22 FEB 2014

Agenda : Agenda SITHYD ( SAP Inside Track Hyderabad 2014)

Thanks : Thanks for making it BIG ( SAP INSIDE TRACK HYDERABAD 2014)

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