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Hi Folks,

It is nice to see experience sharing blogs from different participants in SAP Inside track, which was hosted at TCS, Chennai this year. So, I thought I would also pen down my experiences and share it with you guys. After all sharing increases the joy :smile:

For this event, I am associated as a Organizer, Speaker and participant as well. So I would share my thoughts on how I felt while shifting from one role to another during the event.

As an Organizer:

Well this is one of the first of its kind experience for me. Because being an organizer here is not just like leading any other IT project. This role requires Event Management abilities as well. Especially for an event which has 250+ SAP enthusiasts coming from different places where majority of the people are only connected virtually via SCN before attending here.

It has been a great team to be associated with Mahesh,Ganesh,Satish,Deepak and other TCS members. The planning for this event has been done 90 days prior to the event. We had a series of meetings to finalize the options on Venue (Auditorium, Parking facility, Class rooms), Food & Networking breaks, Badge selection, Welcoming & Closing ceremony, Mementos selection, Feedback forms and other important discussions and decisions to be made before

The actual event starts.

On the Event day, being an organizer for a community driven event made me feel proud and as the Spider Man says " with more power comes more responsibilities" :wink: .I am with the responsibility to ensure all the people who came from different places to attend the event must return home back with satisfaction & big cheers on face. And after seeing the experience sharing blogs from different participants is indeed a tribute to the entire organizing team.

Well being an Organizer, made me to loose out some exciting sessions :wink: that's the bad part of it but still I enjoyed this opportunity to be as an organizer helped me to understand the thought process that goes while you handle such events and different things you have to ensure for the successful finish of the event. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our SAP Mentor mahesh.kumar8 for giving me this opportunity to be part of the organizing team & further helping me to enhance my organizational skills and to congratulate my fellow team members for successfully finishing the event.

As a Speaker:

I have been part of different knowledge sharing sessions in my company and during my projects. Have been part of the competency related trainings in both my 2 previous companies but the maximum number I have held the sessions was for about 110+ (Virtual).

On this day, I was presented with 2 challenges

a) Time limit of 30 minutes to explain all the content you wanted to share

b) 250 odd participants to whom you have to ensure that everything you explain makes some sense for them :wink:

Well I loved this challenge, which almost synonymous to word number restriction in Twitter, but yet you got to explain completely.

Am glad that I was able to reach some people, make them understand on what I am trying to share and answer their questions. (Though would have loved to have some more time as a speaker to which as an organizer I myself would have opposed :wink: ) It was fun answering the questions, because the more questions actually improves and tests the speaker's knowledge. The motto on which the SCN forum runs and it is the best part I like here while answering the questions in SCN. (Because while doing that I learn more). And I would like to take this opportunity to all the participants for choosing me as a Top Speaker by their votes and love :smile:

As a Participant:

Being held as a Organizer and Speaker affected my role as a participant but still I stole some time to get myself a chance to listen other sessions.

            Starting with I found myself in a session given by bala.prabahar who flew all the way from US to make us understand the difference between SAP HANA vs. Oracle 12c where he explained how BWA is different from Oracle 12c and shared his insights on it. I was unable to ask any question to him as I found myself in the technical track to do my organizer activities :).

            Following it, I found my self in the discussion of HANA Cloud platform by arun.rajamani & ankur.kumar27 where they presented the overview and ended up with a "Hello World" application to get started.


             Then followed an excellent discussion on M2M analytics by mahesh.kumar8 & my ex-colleague ganeshmahadevan.v3 where they showcased exciting Use Cases across the industry and the helping me to understand how SAP HANA benefits them. It had also helped me to note down the other areas, which I have to explore still.


            There came the sumptuous Lunch served Hot by Saravana Bhavan at the right time to revitalize my interest levels and concentration. It also helped me to make new friends and get connected with different leaders and fellow sap enthusiasts. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the participants for coming together and making this event a big success. Which would indeed drive to increase the frequency of events like these.


            After the lunch, I got a chance to listen about SAP HANA DB migration by my ex-colleague Krishnan, this is one area where I needed to still learn a lot being a non-basis guy and this session helped me to get the basic understanding of DB migration.Then didn't get much of time to get myself into another exciting sessions which I missed :smile:


At the end of the day, I was filled with proud to be associated as a organizer of the event, Happy to be recognized as a Top Speaker and finally glad to make new friends and network connections as a participant and left TCS with good memories.


Krishna Tangudu :smile:

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