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On the 17th of June, we’ve combined a SAP Inside Track and CodeJam in Brussels! Before the noon we started with breakfast (of course) and very interesting session about some high-tech stuff in SAP 🙂 . In the afternoon  we had a great CodeJam where we learned all the secrets of the SAP Cloud Platform!

Over the full day we had around 25 participants. Some only came before noon, others in the afternoon, but most stayed whole day 🙂 . Most of the participants were SAP partners but there were also students. Very happy to see the motivation and enthusiasm of the next generation!

SAP Inside Track

We had three sessions during the SAP Inside Track:

  • Connecting Amazon Dot to SuccessFactors by Tom Rottiers

  • UI5 Custom Controls and how to generate it by myself

  • Project JANE: Creating a Sales Order with Alexa using SOAP and by Maxime Walravens & Illya Kuys

All pictures are online:

Tom Rottiers in action!

Me, explaining UI5 Controls

Very enthusiastic students from Erasmus High school Brussels (EHB)

Pizza time!


SAP CodeJam about SAP Cloud Platform

First of all a big thanks to Samuel Lescot for leading this SAP CodeJam on a Saterday! He started with a global overview of the SAP Cloud Platform. After that we all started with creating a Mobile Web App with the SAP Web IDE using SAPUI5. That was just a warmup! Samuel also prepared a second exercise about creating Java apps in the Cloud Platform, then it became serious 🙂


We all saw some cool stuff with Alexa and also learned a lot from the hands-on exercises in the CodeJam.

Group Picture!

A big thanks to the sponsors

SAP Belgium for the offices!

SAP and Samuel for the CodeJam

SAPPRESS for the discount and E-books!

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