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It was a great opportunity to be a part of SAP Inside Track Bengaluru 2023 at the SAP Labs, India on 4th March 2023.

This was a fantastic event, especially the breakout meetings and gatherings made it gold standard. I was surprised by the excitement and energy, and it made me more enthusiastic, hopeful, and motivated.

It was great to connect with SAP experts to learn the ins and outs of new SAP concepts which were clearly and professionally explained. I found it motivating to interact with executives from a variety of industries who shared their insights, knowledge, and experiences with the SAP technologies. I am grateful to all of them for new things to think about and explore.

The hands-on sessions on SAP Business Application Studio, SAP Build process automation, SAP Kyma runtime and SAP build Apps really provided me with the chance to practice and build applications from scratch using SAP Cloud Application Programming Model. They were a great addon to my learning on emerging SAP Technologies. Thank you for guiding me through in-depth exercises and clearing my doubts.

It was absolute honor to speak to Senior Vice President & Managing Director & Head SAP User enablement, SAP Labs India sindhu.gangadharan, Chief Operating officer mohammed.anzys and Head Brand Marketing mohammad.rao during the breakout meetings. I really enjoyed our conversation and I truly appreciate your advice and tips.

This was absolutely a very inspiring and fantastic day!





Happy to Meet you Sindhu Gangadharan SVP and MD at SAP Labs India


Best Regards,

Osman Syed.

Senior SAP Technical Consultant.
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