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SAP Inside Track (Chennai) -- An event of the people, by the people, for the people.

Did you miss SAP Inside Track? And you wonder how it really went? Here are the highlights if you have missed experiencing at SAP Inside Track 2014 in Chennai. Let us now explore and learn what happened

1) Venue:

SIT Chennai was hosted in TCS Siruseri Campus .It is the largest IT office in Asia, with best-in-class facilities and architecture of having butterfly structure in aerial view.


The day started with a welcome ceremony, a video of TCS and its national and global contribution and welcome keynote, which was arranged at ATL Ultra-modern Auditorium, which is one of the largest corporate auditorium completely filled with SAP Enthusiasts.

2) Badge:

Every one who was registered for the event is given a cool badge as good as SAP Tech-ed badgeJ, which symbolizes “Learn Share Grow” which is the prime motto of this event.


3) Knowledge sharing sessions:

The participants are presented with a knowledge “rich”agenda, (9 days before the actual event) which almost resembles a mini d-code.                                         

A total of 30 hours (approx) sessions which includes topics on SAP HANA, SAP NetWeaver, SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence, SAP Mobile and SAP Basis as mentioned in the below blog.

SIT Chennai 2014 - Event Schedule & Sessions Details Track Wise

4) Delicious Lunch@ Saravana Bhavan:

The food has been sponsored by our Gracious hosts i.e. TCS.  All the participants were treated with sumptuous food served by saravana bhavan.  Who are one of the largest vegetarian restaurant chain in the world. This helped the participants to revive the energies and gear back for the remaining sessions


5) Mementos:

a) To Speakers:

As the motto goes, “Learn, Share and grow”. All the Organizers and speakers were given a memento by the organizers in recognition to their willingness to share the knowledge and help us win together as a community and to carry forward our community spirit.


b) To Organizers:

Being a community driven event, organizing is one of the challenges. Especially with 250 plus participants. The community has acknowledged the organizers efforts   with a friendly gesture with mementos like these.


6) Recognition:

We had one of the speakers coming from US to deliver a session and some of the other speakers who came from all over India to deliver the sessions at SIT Chennai.  All the sessions were exemplary but based on the votes by the participants Top 3 speakers from each track were selected and felicitated by medals. Medals were given by the leaders like Uma Maheswaran, (Vice President, SAP Labs India), Deepak Kota(Head – SAP Strategic Initiatives  Tata Consultancy services)


7) Lucky draw:

Apart from the medallions and mementos to the organizers and speakers, you might wonder what it is in for the participant in addition to the sumptuous sessions and delicious lunch.It is not just an event where you gather knowledge but also if you are lucky you can go home with surprise gifts.

Lucky participants were given a medal by taking a lucky draw to spread the joy of sharing and happiness :smile:


😎 Anchoring:

The award ceremony was like any other film fare award, not to exaggerate ….  :wink: Yeah ! the award ceremony hosted by Lakshmi and Sampath as they were anchoring the entire prize distribution ceremony for the topic speakers, volunteers, organizers, lucky pot honored by Uma Maheswaran and Deepak Kota.

The Benging & till to the end " Nandhini " was the Anchor.


The Guest of the day: Uma Maheswaran


Special Guests : Two Families

😎 Power of oneness:

“United we stand, divided we fall”.

As you find INDIA “UNITY IN DIVERSITY” a multi lingual and cultural society, the SIT event conducted here has the people from different regions and technologies, who have come together to share the knowledge and exchange ideas to grow collectively and create a WIN-WIN situation. 

This event with 255  participants, 30 speakers, 8 organizers and many more volunteers has all come together across the country spanning 8 states and enjoyed the technology feast together which made the possibility of bringing the quality sessions and gracious host like TCS with ‘0’ Entry fee :smile:


So did you like the SIT Event? If you have missed this don't worry , do plan to attend the next scheduled SIT event :smile: . Let us know your feedback and other suggestions to make this event even more better.

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