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Well, there is just over an hour to go and I feel I have time to upload some more pictures. Has everything gone well or am I being very optimistic? Only time will tell. Here are some pictures from the Sunday day time.

Wow, the sun really exists in the "real" world

This is how we code at InnoJam

What do you think of the new style of shirt?

Andreas Eismann with his new best friend from Windows 8

The room smells really fresh!

ByDesign expert Werner Wolf looks serious

It's nearly midnight Sunday, most of us have been on the go for nearly 20 hours and I wanted to take a break from downloading HANA data to upload some pictures. This has been a different InnoJam to last year, a lot more thinking about the idea and concept before coding. The design thinking aspect is really good and also similar to how projects are run in "Real Life".

Team "Post It note!"

Brenton & Rene building the mobile App

Brandenburg University in The House!

Me pitching the idea after Design Thinking with team Otter inc.

Andreas Eissman working hard

They are very strict on time this year!

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