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SAP Industry Cloud to Support the Path to the Intelligent Utility

This was an ASUG forward session from earlier this summer and again with the great Marc Rosson.  You can watch the replay at (you may need to register; I recall it was free)


The topic was to optimize operations, look at business processes, extends to networks - simplify and automate processes, digital processes, analytics, machine learning

Source: SAP

Introduced last year

Extend industry specific components

Take too much time to do in core

"bring in agility" to act quickly

Source: SAP

What SAP says the benefits are

Source: SAP

Where industry cloud fits

Plug and play scenario

Source: SAP

Overview, not read fine print - Industry Cloud explorer

Source: SAP

Consume APIs, work with applications

Source: SAP

Industry trends for utilities

An evolution, with social and technical constraints

Source: SAP

How SAP can be a stable, innovative partner

Before asset centric, now customer centric

Reduce costs, right toolset

Investment priorities are shown above

Source: SAP

Objective of Cloud for Utilities

Source: SAP

Reduce costs by automating

Cloud for Utilities is based on S/4HANA

Adding machine learning capabilities (meter reading, cash application)

AI/ML from BTP

Self-service to avoid call center contacts

Source: SAP

SAP Cloud for Utilities in 2105

Available now

Source: SAP

Cloud first

Bringing utilities to the cloud

Bring S/4HANA ISU to the cloud

Working with other utilities in a co innovation group


Q: Why do I would need Cloud for Utilities?

"Cloud for Utilities is an extensive program at SAP where we build end to end processes using our cloud solutions. This includes S/4HANA, either Private Cloud or Public Cloud, and others like Cloud for Energy, Subscription Billing, CX components, etc.

The initial scope is on the Retail side because here we see the most immediate desire to benefit from cloud deployed solutions as well as the need to add quickly and easily non-commodity products and services to their portfolio. The next evolution is planned to focus on DSO requirements.

.... can benefit from this program when you use one or more of these cloud solutions because of the utilities specific capabilities and process-integration we continue to add to these products. You do not need to go “all in”, you can select one or more of those solutions when the time is right for you." Source: SAP

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