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Dear All,

Below are the step by step procedure for SAP IGS helper upgrade.


Step 1:
Check current IGS version in your system

Step 2:

Download the relevant SAP IGS helper patch from SAP support portal

Step 3:

Stop SAP APP and DB.

Step 4:

Take backup of old IGS files from usr\SAP\SID\DVEMBGS00\IGS folder

Step 5:

Uncar the downloaded IGS files in a temp directory.

Use attrib /s -r command after unpacking.

Step 6:

Delete old IGS files from usr\SAP\SID\DVEMBGS00\IGS

Step 7:

Copy new IGS files from temp folder to above location

Step 8:

Start DB and SAP application.

Step 9:

Check current SAP IGS version after upgrade.


You can do this procedure in parallel with Kernel update.



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