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Hi community,

Sometimes we all need is a diagram to see link between modules. And here is a chart for you, which shows links between configuration elements of IDoc.

I hope that diagram with flow and tcodes will be a basic cheat sheet when you need to remember the relation between modules and tcode to make changes.



Transaction Code Description In Sender System In Receiver System
WE31 Development IDoc Segment X X
WE30 IDoc Type Development X X
WE81 Logical message types X X
WE82 Assign Messages for IDoc Type X X
BD54 / SALE Define Logical Systems X X
SCC4 Client Administration X X
SM59 RFC Destinations (Display/Edit) X
WE21 Port definition X
BD64 / SALE Maintenance of Distribution Model X
WE20 Partner Profiles X X
WE42  Process codes, inbound X
BD87 Status Monitor for ALE Messages. To Re-Process IDocs
WE19 Test Tool. You can create a copy of existing IDOC or you can change Idoc content and trigger process.
WE05 Idoc List

Some useful links for beginners;


Feel free to add your links and comments.

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