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Hi all,

We all know, that SAP’s strategy is cloud-first. Logically more and more services and solutions are offered there. At the same time, the reality for a lot of companies is that they have many of their systems and processes still in the on-premise world.

As we have to face the reality, the hybrid option is becoming more and more of a topic. The good part here is that with SAP IdM and the existing SAP Cloud Identity Services we can cover all of it.

Here is a short overview how we can achieve that by covering the following scenarios:

    • SAP on-premise systems

    • SAP cloud systems

    • non-SAP on-premise systems (already existing as a standard connectors)

    • non-SAP cloud systems

    • non-SAP on-premise systems (without existing standard connectors)

  1. SAP on-premise systems have standard connectors for IdM and we have online SAP documentation, covering those SAP IDM Overview Connector Package

  2. SAP cloud systems are covered by the SCIM connector SCIM Connector Package

  3. non-SAP on-premise systems, already existing  as standard connectors SAP IDM Overview Connector Package

  4. non-SAP cloud systems is an interesting topic, as we need additional middleware to consume the provided interface, if we don’t have SCIM. This is where SAP Cloud Integration (CI) could be a potential solution.

  5. non-SAP on-premise systems without existing standard connectors

    • Those connections can be handled in a similar way as the non-SAP cloud systems. CI can connect the same way with non-SAP on-premise systems, as with the non-SAP Cloud ones.

Kind Regards,

Simona Lincheva
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