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Source: SAP

SAP Hybrid Analytics - this was a webcast we had last week.

In this webcast, insights, technologies working, hybrid analytics approach was described and learned what does hybrid analytics mean

Source: SAP

Standard SAP disclaimer applies; anything in the future is subject to change

Source: SAP

Above is the agenda with a quick overview of Analytics strategy and a focus on portfolio

Source: SAP

There is no definition of hybrid

NIST has formal definition of cloud

Hybrid means different things to different people

Depending on where you are

Frame hybrid in those in IT – working in hybrid for most of our lives

Paradigm shifts are shown above

Not hard-cut

Still many workloads on mainframes

End up in a hybrid world where we mix and match

In analytics, hybrid means mix of on-premise and cloud landscapes with heterogenous landscape

Source: SAP

Run existing landscapes with new technology

Not one or other but one and another

Most companies are
We’ve all heard the warning “disrupt or be disrupted”

But for established companies, current realities usually mean disruption poses significant risks

This means knowing exactly what to keep and what to change, where to start and how fast you can go without things breaking (SAP)


Source: SAP

Both scenarios; interconnectivity between existing and new landscapes

On-premise traditional BI4 landscapes and connect to new emerging Analytics Cloud
There are 3 key Analytic in the SAP portfolio that support these 2 scenarios, Run and Growing the business:

 SAP Analytics Cloud is a single Analytics experience where everyone can discover, visualize, plan, predict, steer, and see all analytics in one place versus having separate point solutions.

SAP Digital Boardroom is built on SAP Analytics Cloud and  brings the boardroom and meetings of all types to life across people, places, and devices into a real-time enterprise experience. The SAP Digital Boardroom provides a harmonized view across all lines of business to help you run your business and look for new areas of growth.

-AP Analytics Hub sits on the SAP Analytics Cloud platform and provides a single catalog of all your analytics across your enterprise and helps you focus on the most important content for your business users.

On-premise analytics solutions for BI (with BusinessObjects Enterprise), Planning (with Business Planning and Consolidation), and Predictive Analytics and support hybrid models.

SAP’s strategy is to combine on premise and cloud capabilities into an integrated hybrid solution (source: SAP)

Source: SAP

Interest in cloud, is real

  • Focusing on High Speed Innovation in Cloud

  • Continue to make improvements on premise

  • We realize customers will use both Must Protect Investment for Existing On-Premise Customers

  • Hybrid Gives Best of Both – Innovation in Cloud + Investment Protection

  • SAP Unique Differentiation: Don’t Move/Replicate Data – Bring Analytics to your Data!

Source: SAP

Source: SAP

Get the cloud solutions deployed to existing landscapes

Source: SAP

Cloud addresses current challenges

Free up BI resources to do high value analytical work

See Gartner article

Source: SAP

No formal definition of hybrid analytics

Worked with Forrester – asking questions

Consensus – looking at cloud analytics

Moving towards hybrid analytics landscapes

Some have concern about moving data to the cloud; valid concerns

74% describe overall cloud strategy as hybrid

23% think hybrid is integrating public cloud with on premise infra and data

From Forrester “Top 10 Facts Every Tech Leader Should Know About Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud Isn't A Specific Strategy — It's A Sanity Statement”

Source: SAP

Above are the areas SAP is investing in
SAP Analytics Hub: Single source of the truth and a quick way to expand analytics across the organization.


Smart Discovery is a set of capabilities in SAP Analytics Cloud that is powered by the SAP Cloud Platform predictive services. The guided analysis is designed for Business Users and features the power of Exploratory Analytics by leveraging SAP’s proprietary predictive technology. Smart Discovery allows business users to take advantage of predictive analytics without the need for any Data Science or Machine Learning expertise.

Smart Discoveries

Understand the main business drivers behind your core KPIs, such as revenue, churn, and productivity – powered by Machine Learning

Interact with insights and explore hidden structures and relationships

Find the answer to business questions through intuitive charts and natural language

Smart Discoveries – Simulation

Simulate possible outcomes based on your business scenarios

Predict the outcome of a particular KPI or record value based on historical data

Experiment to see how particular dimension values or KPI values will affect the outcome, e.g. your sales opportunity

Smart Insights

Quickly develop a clear understanding of intricate aspects of your business data

Click on a data point to get smart textual and visual insights

Example: Want to know more about your Revenue in the Retail Sector? Smart Insights panel offers an explanation

Pre-Built Content and Models (11 industries and 16 LoB models)

The free business content for SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Digital Boardroom provides a quick and easy starting point for your individual analytics scenarios.  SAP Analytics Cloud business content features technology highlights such as planning, Smart Assist, value-driver trees, and mobile design. You can browse the content and choose packages to add to your system from within the application. Delivers enhanced time to value. Free to all who license the SAP Analytics Cloud. (Source: SAP)

Source: SAP

Many have a cloud first strategy

Ways available today to take advantage of the cloud to lower costs: either infrastructure costs, operations costs, or application costs.

Source: SAP

Looking at providing a hybrid license

Perpetual license

Cloud subscription license

Single license type for all BI capabilities (cloud and on-premise) – is the plan, a work in progress

Source: SAP
Single front-end to access all analytics in landscape

  • Single view of governed analytics assets, whether on prem or in the cloud

  • An easy way for business users to find analytics assets

Manage your hybrid deployments and enable your journey to the cloud Source: SAP

Source: SAP

Invested in data warehouse, universes, reuse in cloud; concept of live/remote connection – leave data where it is

Data stays on premise, behind your firewall

Source: SAP

How does that look?

Browser on laptop, request to cloud (metadata), universe connection – browser to in BI platform, uses the DSL bridge, uses SQL, pass back to browser

Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) : Roadmap to support more than Tomcat 7+

Source: SAP

Newer areas

Time to value

Asking question, getting answer

Source: SAP

Smart discovery allows SAP Analytics Cloud to auto generate a story and what the outliers, influencers mean

Source: SAP

The vision for SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) is to connect to both on premise and Cloud data sources and applications.

Source: SAP

This was covered in detail in What's new in Analysis Office 2.7 webcast last week

Source: SAP

Analysis Office is part of SAP Analytics Cloud planning; allow write back

Source: SAP

Continue the integration journey

Source: SAP

SAP Analytics Cloud is also a planning solution; hybrid planning – mixture of on-premise and SAC planning

Going forward, same for planning landscapes

Source: SAP

  • Balance Sheet and Cash Flow capabilities

  • Integration

–Improved integration from S/4 to SAC (reuse of integration content)

–Bundling of integration jobs

–Automated retraction from SAC to S/4 Source: SAP

Source: SAP

Overall view – landscape on premise

Single view of assets

Reuse data sources

Administration is taken care of too; simplify

Source: SAP

Hybrid is about bringing these together – core workflows, announced building out BI4.3, hybrid workflows there

Question & Answer

Question Response
Does the Enablement of Governance use the foundations of Information Steward? Or completely different not tightly integrated with Information Steward; understand value
Is there a authorization concept in SAP Analytics HUB? He is answering now; it relies on source system for access
Is there a trial account for Analytics Hub? like SAC No, but you can get a POC; SAC has a trail
So underlying asset controls access, but is there ability to restrict business users to see certain tiles? intent is user can see all analytics and if they don't have underlying permissions they cannot see report
If we have named and concurrent licenses for BOE on-prem today, will the new model give us equal licenses to SAP Analytics Cloud (and/or Hub), and will it be free or at what cost? still a work in progress  - no exact answer
So my understanding of how this Hybrid Analytics works is that data can be on premise and some can be in the cloud and the Analytics service is running in the cloud and then users access the analytics app on the cloud which then gathers the analytics data from on premise and the cloud depending on the data location. Does this sound right? hybrid - shouldn't matter were data is or analytics is
Can SAP Analytics Hub work with non SAP front-end tools such as Tableau, Power BI, etc..? yes
When is the formal release date of the new hybrid license? no formal release date

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