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The following guide applies to SAP HANA One


Before you subscribe to SAP HANA One, you must first:

  1. Create an AWS account.
  2. Understand access keys concept versus key pairs in AWS. There are three types of access credentials used to authenticate user requests for AWS services:   
    1. Access Keys: Used in the SAP HANA One Management Console. Access keys ensure that REST or Query protocol requests to any AWS service API are secure.  AWS creates  access keys when your account is created. Without access keys, you can not login to SAP HANA One Management Console to configure your SAP HANA One for the first time.
      For more information on access keys, visit:
    2. X.509 Certificates: Not used in SAP HANA One.
    3. Key Pairs: Used in SSH mode.
  3. Understand the following in the AWS EC2 Management Console:  
    • Generate key-pairs
    • Review AWS access key and secret key
    • Connect to an EC2 instance
    • Stop, start, and terminate EC2 instances
    • Delete EBS volumes
    • Check account activities
  4. Review the SAP HANA One FAQ, known issues and workarounds, and understand the cost model.
  5. Ignore the certificate warning when launching the SAP HANA One Management Console with https.
  6. Know basic SSH commands or tools to connect a Linux instance.
  7. Use always the same version of HANA Studio, HANA Client, and HANA Server in SAP HANA One.
  8. After the launch, if the HANA Server is not up and running or HANA studio is not connected with the HANA Server in SAP HANA One, stop the EC2 instance from EC2 Management Console.


Known Issues and Solutions in SAP HANA One

  • Supported browsers for SAP HANA One Management Console are: Google Chrome Version 24 and Mozilla Firefox Version 18.
  • To allow HANA Studio (Rev 48 or Rev 52) to be fully functional on Microsoft Windows, add the following entry.

  You can add one entry at a time. EIP is the Elastic IP or Public name of your HANA One server.   

Add the following entry to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts
EIP hanaserver



  • Log into AWS Marketplace
  • Find SAP HANA One
  • Provision a SAP HANA One instance


  • Launch using 1-Click, or
  • Launch using EC2 Console


  • Assign an Elastic IP Address
  • Configure SAP HANA
  • Install and configure SAP HANA Studio
  • Network Topography
  • Instance Types
  • Storage Configuration
  • Backup and Recovery

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